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Blood vs Water E08: Pieces of the Pie

After the tribal council, Vytas could only thank the girls alliance so much for keeping him and assured them that they are the solid 5, including Aras, come the merge. He also professed that Gervase  would surely jump on their boat to make a majority from the 11 remaining castaways. Tina also offered Monica a slot in the top 5, but the latter in unimpressed. 

At the Redemption Island, Laura B. narrated how she got voted off after trying to be nice with Vytas. John and Laura M. agreed that taking out Vytas would've been a smarter choice. The clueless Laura B. insisted that it's a mistake for them to keep Vytas who would join his brother, Aras and the rest of the guys soon to take out the girls.


It's the last pre-merge challenge at the Redemption Island Area and only one will re-enter the game. John thought that the final duel is the only thing that matters and he has been training for it for 12 days. Laura M. was also adamant about winning to get back to her daughter, Ciera. 

And the final duel was an endurance challenge where the three competitors would cling on a pole as long as they can. Laura B. struggled early into the challenge but soon found her foothold. After 20 minutes, John took off his shoes, and recovered. Laura M. has not moved, Laura B. wrapped around the pole. Expectedly, the big John fell down, frustratingly. Laura B. slid down to the most bottom foothold soon after. Laura M. earned her way back to the game, embraced by Ciera. 

Laura B. said that she defied the odds and she going home as the strongest woman she's ever been in her life. John, said that he didn't want to leave after being at the Redemption Island for 12 days and overall it's the hardest 19 days he had experienced. But before Laura M. officially entered the game, Probst announces that it's already merge and gives a new buff to the castaways. Probst later handed out the clue to the hidden immunity idol to Laura M., but like the others, it's also thrown into the fire. At least, this is the first season in the longest time that nobody cares about the idol. 

Aras and Vytas reunited and the former was now more confident than ever that he got 7 members on his alliance.


At the merge feast, Hayden, analyzed his standing on the alliance, now with Laura M. joining Ciera into the fold. Laura M. knew that she has a lot of work to do playing with her daughter, finally. However, Ciera, admitted that with her mom being back in the game, would hurt her. The mother and daughter took a moment at the beach to talk about her alliance with the people without loved ones left. Ciera told her mom that Aras is next to be voted off and she should not talk about anyone about strategies.

When everyone thinks that nobody cares about the hidden idol, Tyson took a solo walk into the forest thinking about the clues Hayden spilled with them during the tribe swap. Tyson was sure where the serpent tree located and started digging. Lo and behold, he found the idol and swore not to share it to anybody for now. 

The brother, Vytas and Aras talked about their 7 member - alliance. Aras insisted that they should keep Tyson around think he doesn't pose a threat with his broken shoulder. Then they put their sight to Laura M., whom Aras considered as the most dangerous. However, Vytas warned Aras that if the rest of the players are smart, they would consider the two of them the biggest threat and they would deflect the attention to Laura M. and Ciera. But Aras is confident that the two of them would reach the final 3 against anybody.

That night, Monica and Tyson took their moment to play out their strategy. Tyson assured her that Gervase is with him. However, Tyson admitted that he would rather have a spoon jam into his eye-socket into his brain than talk to Monica any further. 

Photo Memory

At the frst individual immunity challenge, the castaways would match photos on their cube to whatever image Probst has shown in series. Monica got eliminated first, Caleb and Katy are out next, followed by Tyson and Tina. Hayden got eliminated last at the first round.  At the second round, Laura M. got eliminated first, followed by Ciera. Only Aras, Vytas and Gervase remained. Ultimately, Vytas won the first immunity against his own brother.

Aras immediately laid out his plans for the rest of his alliance, telling the girls to vote for Ciera while the boys will vote for Laura M. Aras thought at it's a good plan to target the mother and daughter couple. While Laura and Ciera are also targeting Aras, taking into consideration if he has the idol for being too comfortable in the game. But Gervase and Tyson already have their own plan in mind with Monica, Hayden, Laura and Ciera, which is to vote for Sir Aras. 

Power Move

At the first tribal council of the Kasama tribe, the discussion started off with Tyson saying that it's pretty obvious that blood couples would work together as far as they can. Aras agreed and added that relationship with everyone, not only with a loved one, is equally important. Hayden said that any pair would become a swing vote, not only Laura and Ciera. Tyson said that the game is not only about the 3 pairs of blood but it could also be about having 6 guys and 5 girls in the tribe, and in the end, it's all about the people you trust the most. Tyson said that there's a lot of different ways to cut the pie and he intends to get the largest portion. Laura is just elated for having Ciera to give her advise in the game. Gervase said that after the vote, the game will not change for the smart ones, but definitely will for the not so smart ones. 

After the vote, Laura got 2 votes, Ciera got 2 and Aras got 5. Aras becomes the first to be voted out after the merge, but he still has a chance to return to the game at the Redemption Island.

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Blood vs Water E07: Kat Out of the Bag

"At least I didn't cry." That was what Kat said after being voted off at Tadhana's tribal council. But crying was all she did the next morning and throughout the Redemption Island duel, worrying that Hayden would leave her for being a loser. And i think all viewers would echo John's sentiment, "Come on...."

Before the duel, Kat called on Hayden, asking him for a hug and asking him not to leave her. Hayden assured that their relationship is more important than the game itself.

But when Jeff Probst asked him if he would switch places with Kat, Hayden was obviously reluctant, because he feels that he is on a good spot at the game compared to Kat. The girlfriend wanted to trade places because she's bad at puzzles, "can't even spell". But she knows that it would mean more to him to stay.

So, Hayden stayed. Kat played hard though, during the puzzle challenge, wherein John ultimately won again, followed by Laura M. John gave the clue again to the most unwanted hidden immunity idol in history to Monica, who burned it again. Kat gave her last hug to Hayden and waved her goodbye.
Back at camp, Hayden admitted that he regrets not trading places with Kat. But said that it's also a good thing to play on his own and not looking out for anyone else. 

Later, Aras invited the rest of the guys from Tadhana for a meditation session, but nobody joined him. Tyson took the opportunity to state his case against Aras to the rest of the tribe. He called Aras and Vytas the most dangerous couple come the merge and he would rather have the five of them together at the end. It appeared that everybody agreed with Tyson on this one.

At the Galang Camp, it appeared that Vytas and Katy were becoming an item, to which Tina approved - saying that Vytas is a whole new person coming from the school of hard knocks. But Vytas would rather refer to himself as a reformed bad boy. But it's not only Tina and Katy finding the charm that is Vytas, Laura B. as well. When the girls of the tribe made a decision that if they lose the next challenge, Vytas has got to go, Laura B. became emotional and said she doesn't want him to go so they should just win.

Galang almost won. It's a tough challenge, but it was close enough. Tina did her best to beat Tyson at the last round of the immunity and reward challenge but felt short again for the tribe. Tadhana got immunity and a fried chicken feast.

After the challenge, Laura B. immediately squealed to Vytas that they are voting him out, saying that it would not be fair to blindside him and she just wanted the rest of them to have a good afternoon with him. Vytas thanked Laura B. for telling him the truth.

But the rest of the girls, especially Monica, did not. Laura thought she would gain respect for making a leadership stance, but she's also aware that she might become a target. Monica was flabbergasted and told Katy that Laura B. should've told them first if she's going to let the cat out of the bag. When Vytas and Tina had a moment at the beach, the veteran told the newbie that it's going to be Laura B. they would be voting out. Vytas said that the females may be in control of the game but they still need to keep an alpha male around, otherwise the pride will go nowhere.

At the tribal council, Laura B.'s revelation became the center of discussion. Laura said that Vytas is the obvious choice because it's an all girl alliance and he is a big threat having Aras with him come the merge. Monica said that what Laura did is very risky, because if she's going to blow their cover, they should have talked about it first. Jeff Probst described Laura's move as an honorable thing at a game that is everything but honorable. Vytas said that it's not about how many girls there are at the camp, but how many trustworthy people are.  At the end. Laura B. got voted off unanimously. Jeff ended the night saying every time you open your mouth, you risk saying something that might get you voted out.

Next episode: Blood mixes with Water! Drop your buffs and who will become the redemption island champion?

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