Episode 44: Love me; Hate me!

First of, we're going back to dotCom in less than 8 hours. Yohooo!

Nagtampo si Nanay Zita... and 'd Monyo strikes again.

We know JC's selection last night was better than on the first reward. We know what's behind the strategy. We feel that JC trusts Nanay Zita more than Rob, Cris and Kaye, and he is not dubious about Nanay Zita swaying over Marlon's side - especially an emotional tussle just happened between them.

But since he promised Nay Zita just 3 hours before he learned the reward, that he'll choose her to go with him, their endearing mother felt really bad. She sort of realized everything as politics in the game. She felt betrayed.

But, does she really know how to play the game? Coz if yes, she won't mind at all. But also JC, for his part, should not have committed to Nay Zita knowing how the game flows, instead, he could have explained the clear picture of the strategy - and the 'why' he should not select her come the reward.

As expected, the devil is busy again. Marlon, surprised they left Nay Zita, sliced every bit of JC's decision - accusing the four of forming an alliance that could possibly plot against her. Just yesterday they're heating up, he tried to share and 'persuade' Nay Zita to connive with them. Marlon illustrates the line-up being JC then Rob.

Marlon, on another issue, was planning to rob the black pearl from Rob and lose it - for a heftier penalty against Rob.

Nay Zita looked back on her role at Naak realizing she's been always the one who serve everybody. While Nay Zita starts to bond with Charisse, Verns and Marlon, JC's group enjoys every bite, breathe and touch of the resort. They had great breakfast, had comfy sleep and went out snorkeling too.

JC explained why he chose Rob over Nay Zita... It's because the former have got the black pearl - that it could be his last reward on the island, and that he might not be able to take care of the black pearl while at Chalam.

They are enjoying, while risking an agreement, commitment and risking the loss of trust of Nanay Zita.

"Pangako isasama tapos ngayon iiwan..."

"Patay na naman ako nito..." - JC

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Episode 43: JC wins the RC! - sponsored by Magic Sarap

A light and easy episode.. ending with another nasty twist... And lo and behold... JC is at it again with his decision making hooplas...

Just a quick recap here.

It's a survey - type of individual reward challenge - a timely activity after a day of trust, betrayal , justifications and heated arguments.

The castaways need to answer several questions on the survey sheet provided to them. The answer of the majority to a specific question is considered the right answer. Whoever gets the right or majority answer, gets the chance to hit or cut a rope on a castaway's effigy of his choice. Once the castaway's effigy falls and burns, he's already out of the reward challenge. The remaining castaway who's effigy is unburned wins a "secret scroll".

Some of the questions and answers are:

Kaninong castaway ang may sama ka ng loob? Answers: Marlon and JC.

Sinong castaway ang nasa loob ang kulo? Rob

Sinong castaway(s) ang nagkukunwari na walang alam sa larong Survivor? Zita and Cris

Sinong castaway(s) ang walang silbi? Kaye

Sinong castaway(s) ang pinakamabaho? Marlon and Vern(ouch)

Sinong castaway(s) ang walang kapag-pag-asang manalo sa Survivor? Marlon (hehe)

Marlon gets burned first, followed by Charisse and for the deciding question between the last two standing (JC and Zita)

Sinong castaway(s) ang pinakapinagkakatiwalaan mo?

Zita answered Kaye, while JC answered Zita - and the correct answer was: Zita

JC wins another secret scroll...

But before they go back to camp, Paolo presents to them a surprise reward - ready to cook bbq, chicken, fish, and meat with the special participation of Magic Sarap. That was one long spiel there PB.

The castaways need to cook the food ready for dinner, but they are prohibited from tasting it. JC is instructed not to open the scroll until Paolo gives him the go signal.

Cooking Time!

Marlon is again hyper with the cooking, as much as the rest of the guys. But Vern gets irritated with him wanting to do all the things by himself. Eventually, Marlon is in charge of the adobo, Rob cooks the fish sinugba style while JC is cooking some bbq.

Then came the much anticipated dinner - but the castaways need to wait for someone. All of them were waiting for someone else to make the go signal but, hey, it's PB, the host - as Rob puts it.

Paolo instructs JC to read the scroll out load. Charisse and Vern are anxious, saying congratulations to JC.

But the scroll read: JC again must pick three castaways... The four of them would go to a nearby resort and bring all the food they prepared with them. Nothing gets left behind with the remaining 4 castaways.

Marlon and Vern's jaws dropped. Marlon knows he's already hopeless. And JC is again faced with a tough decision of picking the right persons.

He chooses Kaye and Cris, since they were the left behind from the last RC. And JC again, picks Rob instead of Zita.

Kaye gives Marlon a hug, and Marlon quips "Ang ganda ng laro..."

Charisse says that Rob is so undeserving of any reward challenge and he is just lucky that he's friends with JC. Zita is quite hurt because JC already promised her that he will take her to a spa.. ."para maexperience nya naman..." JC knows he broke his promise.

Preview: The four are off to snorkling the next day.

Personal note:

It's understandable for JC to pick Cris and Kaye. (para mawala na ang tampo sa kanya ng dalawa). But i think, he should've picked Marlon instead of Rob. That way, Zita and Rob (solid Naaks to the very end) would stay with Vern and Charisse. That would make the odds even - 2 solid Jarakays and 2 solid Naaks left behind. If JC picked Marlon (who did most of the cooking), the devil's advocate here would not be able to irritate the lonely Nanay Zita, and he would probably not be able to do his schemes. JC would even get Marlon's support, in case he would need it. But heck, maybe he wanted to give Rob a treat again, since he got the black pearl. And also, at least, Marlon is away from Cris and Kaye.For what it's worth, congrats again JC!

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Hi guys!

To those who have registered for the Dotcomers GEB this Friday, Nov. 14, 8pm onwards, we have already sent an email for you regarding the details of the event.

Please check your email inbox or even at the spam folder for an email from ( Your email could be the one you used to register in dot com or the one you used for friendster, etc.

There are instructions there and additional things you should remember or things to bring for the event.

Here are the expected participants:

Anak Ng Tinapa
Beni Blanco
Tribo (?)
chano itchan

and their companions

If your usernames/code names are not mentioned above or if you didnt receive an email, please email us at

We will also send you a follow - up email for changes that might take place...

Please confirm your attendance as well.

If anyone of you still wish to join us... please email us your info (name, username for dotcom, cell numer, email) at Then we will give your confirmation to participate and the additional infos.

this event is exclusively for dotcomers. thanks!

thanks guys!

ionman and mcadmin

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Episode 42: Marlon you're dead meat!

You've got it right Marlon! In fact you said what most of the dotComers, dotTVista and pEXers say about your big character.

Marami nang nagbabalak batukan ka pag nasalubong ka sa mall. Marami nang nagbabalak tuhugin ka. Maraming magdidilim ang paningin kapag nakita ka. Maraming nag-iisip kung nakakalabas ka pa ba ng bahay. Maraming nagdadasal na malason ka. Maraming nagtatanong kung kayo pa ba ng girlfriend mo. Marami nang nagsumpa sayo... and the list just can go on and on...

Episode 42 still justified his mean character that speaks really loud since Day 1. His action is directed to displease Nanay Zita. While the rest are asleep, he confronted Nay Zita to caution her to shut her mouth about 'violations'. Nay Zita just reminded Marlon to take care of the torch because they cannot always ask at the Tribal Council for a replacement.

He shouted something like 'Wag kang mag-e-exag Nanay Zita ha. Pag nagiging exag ka lalong nagiging... Pag may nakita kang isang bagay, manahimik ka sabihin mo dun sa tao. Dahil pagkanaging exag ka lalo kang masisipa tandaan mo yan! Wag mo nang ipagsigawan! Gawin mo na lang. OKAY?!"

Nay sige, silenced, replied "O sige." She would want to say more but Marlon butt in, "Pag may nakita ka, wag yung... ay bayulisyun! bayulisyun! Pag may nakita, mas maganda tahimik ka lang para hindi pa nila makikita yung violation.. violation.. Pag may nakita, wag ka basta yung magdedecide.. wag kang sisigaw.. dahil ikaw ang naghuhudyat ng violation"

And the redundant Marlon explained on cam, "Wala na akong ibang maisip kundi awayin siya. Dahil talagang patay ako pagka lumaki yung isyu na yun.. yung tipong, pag may nasira kami, hindi papalitan. Kala nya pag nasira, vioation na naman namin."

Paolo, what are the considered violations, and what are the penalties if ever they commit such?

The argument heated up when Marlon scolded her, "Masyado ka kasi maingay! Kung hindi ka nagsalita, hindi maririnig yan! Kung hindi ka nagsalita hindi maririnig yan! Kung hindi ka nagsalita hindi maririnig yan!"

Nay Zita tried to stop him from nagging to defend and probably reason out. I just couldn't capture clearly the words of Nay Zita.

Marlon further added gas to the flame, "You're dead meat!"

And finally, the beloved mommy could speak up, "Lalabas talaga ang totoong ugali ng mga tao dito..."

Marlon continued to piss her off, "Kaya nga biglang sinipag ka na naman e..."

"Anong biglang sinipag?! Walang nag-uutos sa akin masipag na talaga ako kahit noon pa. Sus ginoo!"

"Pati ba yan mommy Zita? Hiraap!"

Rob tried to pacify... The verbal tussle continued that made JC, Charisse, Verns and Kaye get up from sleeping. Marlon repeatedly accused her of being exaggerated at many times, "Wag kang exag. Tuwing may makikitang ibang bagay, ianalyze mo muna bago ka magreact ng maramihan."

To this, the majority was doubtful of Marlon's true intentions, being familiar with his dirt tactics.

Confided by the other castaways, Nay Zita shared, "Napakaano e... halos lahat alam nya. Puro yabang at hangin sa tyan! Kumbaga, nakasakit sya ng damdamin... pagksabihan ako na.. parang nagpaka-hero.. hero ang tawag nun"

"Hindi nya ako kaya pare. Maniwala ka sakin. Hindi nya ako kaya. Kung si Cris tahimik, hindi pumapalag. NOT ME PARE! Kilalalin nya kung sino'ng bibirahin nya ng mga ganun pare. Not me! 100%.. One hundred percent not me pare! Wala akong sinasanto. I FEAR NO MAN, I FEAR NO..." He devilishly conveyed with Rob. (Sa Fear Factor ka na lang sumali Marlon)

On camera, Marlon expressed, "Kahit sa talambuhay ko hindi ko pa ginawa yung mang-ano ng tao. Ako yung tipo ng tao na inaaway mo na nagtitiis pa rin. Mahabang mahabang mahaaaabang pasensya. Kahit makikita mo si Charisse kung pano bastusin ako. Tinitiis ko lang e... Patay ako nito sa girlfriend ko. Patay ako sa pamilya ko. Yan ba yung values na tinuro ko sayo. Parang... ewan ko."

And then, he went straight to Mommy Zita and, "Mommy Zita, sorry. Di ko sadya. Na-carried away lang ako."

Nay Zita cried, "Ang sa akin lang... buti sana kung kasalanan lang ng isa at hindi lahat apektado. E kasalanan ng isa, lahat tayo magsasuffer..." and she further explains.

The lines can go on more...

Kaye and Charisse shed tears.

Will this outburst of Marlon lead to his ouster? Has Nay Zita won the sympathy of Chalam?

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We are moving back to our 'renovated' home camp

... on Thursday. Tyaga muna tayo dito dotComers.

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Episode 41: The Agent of Chaos Prevails

We were right and it was painful for most of us to see that Kiko indeed gets the last vote. I don't know if my recap would ever give justice to one hell of an episode that could rival all twists and turns of both reality and fictional TV. So, bear with me with this dotcomers!


After a quick review of what has transpired before and during the individual immunity challenge, the results of the voting at the tribal council slowly unfolds. Kaye's vote against Kiko was the first revelation of the night - saying - "Sorry talaga, sana maintindihan mo ako..." JC, on the other hand, advises Marlon to change his attitude once he leaves the island.

The votes of Rob and Cris were eventually revealed, it was Cris who betrayed Naak's alliance. While Rob sticks with the plan, despite the previous tension between him and Kiko.

Kiko, calmy accepts his fate as Kaye reaches out, kneeling to him - to which JC took notice. But the third twist was revealed upon the firing out of Kiko's torch. The third revelation was the Curse of the Black Pearl. Paolo says that whoever Kiko chooses to receive the cursed black pearl, would automatically receive one vote against him/her at the next tribal council - regardless if somebody votes him off -something that could definitely spell disaster. Rob must take care of the pearl until the next tribal council, if he loses it, he gets automatic 2 votes.

Kiko, without hesitation, hands over the black pearl to the astonished Rob. Kiko justifies that Rob needs to straighten his act. He didn't even thought of giving the pearl to Marlon (imagine that).

Confined to the outcome and as for his final say, Kiko admits that he wanted Naak to be at the top 6 but the betrayal is pretty obvious, since there are only three Jarakays left and two ex-Naaks clearly voted against him. But despite that, "Ipagpapasa-Diyos ko na lang. I know that there is a purpose for this. Sana lang it's for the good of the tribe..."

The revelations are not yet over.


The immediate aftermath of the night's tribal council certainly took it's toll to some of the tribemates' loyalty and conscience.

Rob was furious for receiving Kiko's curse. Tons of bleeped words ensued. Rob insists that he remained loyal to the f**ng Naak alliance but he gets this kind of reward from Kiko. "Naging loyal ako sa alliance ng tribe tapos ako ang gaganunin. Ako ang nagsulat ng pangalawang boto kay Marlon...Anong klaseng utak meron yang si Kiko...."

Vern believes that Kiko perhaps gave the pearl to Rob because of his "papetiks-petiks" performace during the challenges. But Rob is adamant, cursing and threatening Kiko the next time their paths cross.

JC meanwhile, remains quiet, although he was obviously shaken by the developments and Zita was all the more confused.

Cris, stood up to his betrayal that would probably be followed by a series of lies and deceits in the future as he pretends to be shocked as well - "Kahit ako nabigla rin eh..." he adds, "Wala namang aamin dito eh..."

But Zita admitted upfront... "Ako binoto ko talaga si Marlon, (to which Marlon gives his signature smirk of delight).. Binoto ko talaga sya dahil yun ang napagkasunduan ng Naak.." she insisted.

Charisse is clearly devastated. Admittedly, she doesn't want Kiko to leave but she just had to go with the flow with Jarakay. She shares tears with Kaye.

Kaye asks Cris if what they did was right, asking him that if Kiko was still around, would the all-boys club still push through. Cris tells her, "Wag kang magpapakita ng guilty..." and convinces her that they made the right decision.

Kaye, justifies her decision by saying, "Ginawa ko to para maging patas ang laban para sa lahat...."

The Triumphant Marlon

The birthday boy, Marlon, clearly was the happiest man at Chalam. Rob says that "pistang-pista kay Marlon..." Marlon admits that he was really happy that Kiko got voted off.

During his conversation with Rob, Marlon repeats his statement "Bobo lang ang hindi makakaramdam na sya na pala ang mavo-vote out... "

To which, Rob, replies "Ibig mong sabihin, bobo si Kiko... "

"Ikaw nagsabi nyan," Marlon's cunning retort.

Marlon's plans worked. He wanted all the schemers (aside from himself) and all those who could create a strong alliance gets voted off one by one. He knows that Naak is as chaotic as never before. He even gets to tease Charisse, "Mas mamimiss mo ako kung ako ang nawala... "

Marlon is even thankful... "Salamat ha, dinidinig nyo ang panalangin ko..."

But the last revelation would be Marlon's decoy, Rob.

It was all part of his grand plan. To have Rob as a decoy - to make it appear to Kiko that it was Rob who would eventually betray him. It is almost as if Marlon already knows about the curse of the black pearl and for him to avoid it, Kiko, by mistake, gives it to Rob, the decoy, instead. (Nobody, except for Marlon, would ever see that coming...)

And so the agent of chaos prevails...

He was able to destroy the bond, superiority and majority of the Naak family. He was able to point to Kiko an innocent decoy. He was able to put JC, Zita and even Rob in grave danger and distrust to one another. All of this was according to his grand plans....

As for Kiko - did he deserve the boot? Was he too confident and comfortable that his alliance with Naak would withstand the tests? Is it good for the tribe to give the cursed pearl to Rob? Was it JC's fault that Marlon had the opportunity to tempt Kaye and Cris into taking the side of the Jarakays? Was Kaye's decision justified - that she just wanted to secure her spot - while Cris also did the same to win the game?

Now it's everyone for himself.


After getting the dignified Kiko out of the way, Marlon's next target: the beloved Nanay Zita.

A personal note

Marlon was indeed successful in making the show as entertaining and as gripping as it is - affecting most of the viewers with his "devilish" tactics. His 'character' is indeed one for the books... one that would go down in TV history. There were nasty rumors since the start of the show that Marlon was "planted" to give spice to the reality series. True or not, his 'character' on the show is indeed very risky for his personal life.

One could hate him for all the valid reasons but one could also admire Marlon's guts, risk-taker attitude and scheming tactics - traits of some people that we encounter in real life.

But Marlon also shows how other people (like Kaye and Cris) could be easily swayed to betrayal - and how the good guys (like Kiko) finishes last. Perhaps, that's how an agent of chaos works, to bring out the worst (or probably, even the best) in us.

But in the end, Kiko, apparently still wins the greater game - winning the hearts of the viewers. Now isn't that a better history and legacy.

- mcadmin

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Prologue to Episode 41: The Happening

Fans are already speculating: Francis "Kikoman" Rustia is the next castaway to leave the island. What could be a greater shocker and irony than that? But they could be wrong.

Tell-tale signs.
  • There are already three ex-Naaks that could possibly vote against Kiko, one probably already did.
  • Charisse crying over Kiko before the Tribal Council.
  • Rob's birthday gift to Marlon: What's their deal in exchange of hotel accommodations?
  • Marlon being overconfident on his interviews. Declaring that only a "stupid person" would be clueless or would not feel that he is about to be voted off - is he referring to clueless Kiko?
  • What's up with Rob? He's suddenly anti-Kiko and JC, thanks to Cris' information relay.
  • The preview: Rob and JC fighting after the tribal council. Kaye and Charisse crying.
So what if Kiko gets voted off?
  • Marlon prevails and ironically would stay longer in the tribe despite being arguably the most consistently irritating (and exciting) person there; outlasting one of the early and consistent favorites among the castaways.
  • The Naak family is already broken and their relationship could get worse.
  • JC, Zita and Cha would be devastated.
  • Kiko fans would probably abandon the show.
What else could happen?
  • Marlon gets the boot to the relief of the solid Naaks and Kiko's fans.
  • If Marlon gets booted out, the ex-Jarakays would be eliminated one by one as earlier predicted.
  • The last vote could be against Rob or not between Marlon and Kiko, then comes the tie-breaker, but still, Kiko gets voted off.

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To SPDotComers!

Welcome to our relocated (temporary) camp! In an unprecedented and totally unexpected turn of events that could rival Survivor Philippines' episode last Friday, our site's hosting service was not able to keep up with the demand (bandwidth) of all the loggers and lurkers. It appears that 100 gig of bandwidth that sustained us for the past weeks was not enough to keep us up, not to mention the heavy load of media uploaded on our site and the simultaneous text entries we are getting.

For the time being, we must survive in our new camp and leave some of our stuff on our old camp. Little by little, we would make this new site almost appear like our previous one and get some of our stuff back - so all of us could feel at home.

Since this is blogspot, you would probably need to log-in using your blogger account, create a new one or be anonymous posters.

We still have the dotcomers information, especially for the GEB this Friday, so just standby for our email to you guys. just like the show has given us tons of excitement, rewards, exfosure (hehe) and challenges.

Let this be the start of a new chapter for our dotcom community as the show progress to being more gripping and more exciting until the very end.

Thanks guys! We love you and we're grateful for your continuous support!


mcadmin and ionman

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Episode 39: The Cris-ifixion...

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Survivor on Twitter