Epi 45 The Outcast Saved, Dancing Warrior's Moves Cut Short

**Aira's wish to give chance for Michelle was granted but at her expense as she became the 9th CA to be voted out & the 2nd member of the Jury**

Crumbling Tower of Hope

In the IC, the sudden death eliminated the rest of the CAs which left Michelle & Moi pitted against each other. This gave the lone outcast the determination more than ever to win the 'Tore ng Kaalaman' IC, despite the cheering received by her contender. Both wanted to wear the Immunity Necklace for different reasons: Moi to make her dream come true just by wearing it, but for Michelle to save herself from the TC. It was anti-climactic while both their columns were precariously balanced, when the block Michelle chose to move inevitably tilted her tower, crashing downwards together with her hope of winning, while Moi's tower held on upright.

Gusty As the Wind

Back at the Galone camp, as the events in the IC was still sinking in them, the familiar voice of Lolit Solis boomed across their camp as she made them gather for a little afternoon chit-chat.

For Aubrey, her presence made her a little concern, as she might mention information that could affect the outcome of her gameplay. She brought good news to Michelle that although Jon is having sleepless nights away from her, he was doing fine in the Jury House.

After spending time with them & assessing their living conditions in the game, Manay Lolit realized that being in Survivor, she had her respect for the CAs. If they survive the game, they can survive anything. And in her wake, came strong winds & pelting rain.

A Hot Date & A Cold Treatment

While killing time before TC, the CAs had fun imagining Solenn choosing Ervic or Ahron in a dating game:

Romantic Date Location Ahron: In a beach, with roses; Ervic: Tagaytay-like atmosphere, with him cooking dinner (Solenn chose Ervic as she doesn't like white roses)

Solenn's Get-up Ahron: White Shirt & Jeans; Ervic: He sees Solenn as a fashionista, he sees her wearing shorts & a loose shirt (Solenn chose Ervic again)

First Kiss Ahron: wet kiss; Ervic: wet kiss (Solenn prefers french kiss, so neither of them)

Solenn's Breakfast Ahron: Bacon & egg; Ervic: pancakes (Solenn likes scrambled eggs, Ahron got one point)

For Ahron, he summed up that Solenn is indeed sexy, beautiful and hot.

While the rest is heating up with laughters in their dating game, Michelle was still feeling the cold treatment as the TC was coming up, though she was still waiting for someone to step up & approach her should the plan to vote her out change.

Aira on the other hand confirmed with Moi that there were voting out Ervic.

RG's Substantial Questions in the TC

RG welcomed the CAs in their second TC, then Jon came in as the 1st Jury member in a happy mood, as everyone including Aubrey beamed at him.

1st Q: Were the CAs happy that the biggest threat Jon was finally removed from the tribe?

Akihiro: 'Half-half, Jon is strong & can win the game, but we became friends'

Ervic: 'I could breathe easy when Jon was gone, I was afraid of him because he could dominate the game'

2nd Q: Now that Jon is gone, who became the next biggest threat?

Aira: 'Akihiro, both are the same (strong) but have different personalities, they have different approaches in the game' (to which Akihiro reacted: I just follow the consensus of the group)

Solenn: 'Akihiro is the strongest one physically, & in all the challenges, just like Jon, they get there ahead of the game, but he is being 100% honest with everyone'

Aubrey: "For girls, it's Mommy Elma & for guys, Akihiro, but I don't take it like that because, like Moi we didn't expect her to win the immunity necklace, all of them are threats because anything can change in the game'

3rd Q: Jon as a jury member has the power to vote for the Sole Survivor, do you feel you will get Jon's vote?

Moi: 'I don't know, we're ok in the camp, we both built the shelter, but I don't know Jon's thinking, but if he likes me, I'll thank him just the same'

Elma: 'I also can't say, because my relationship with them all is good, I rather be voted out, it is God's decision because I don't have control over their minds'

Aubrey: 'I don't know, Michelle & Jon voted me out last TC, I started the friction, but that's how we play Survivor, if they felt what I did was wrong, I'm sorry, whatever happened here stays here, I'm not like that in real life & Jon knows it. I don't know if Jon will vote for me'

Michelle: 'Out of them all, Jon would be the only one to vote for me, & if I'm the one in the jury I'll vote for him as well, because all of them are against us'

4th Q: Based on the last TC, is it right for me to say that all of you schemed against Jon & Michelle?

Elma: 'Their minds will be divided, but having the immunity bracelet, Jon could play it for himself, but he gave it eventually to Michelle, I had a hard time deciding'

Moi: 'Yes I felt it that way, Jon knows how to play, we don't know what else he could do, so we were divided'

Michelle: 'When Jon gave me the bracelet, I was thinking that he has a better chance of winning because I'm not a strong player, but now I have to be stronger being left alone, though I was still hoping if anyone approach me, I'd be thankful, but it's hard to break their alliance, if I'll be the one leaving, I'll just watch them how they'll cut each other & how they'll play their game'

Aira: 'What Michelle's saying is true, I want to give her a chance, but I don't have control of their minds, even though I'm part of that alliance since we were from Sar Mayee, then Nagar'

5th Q: How many group alliances are there?

Aubrey: 'I cannot say, there could be 2 or 3, probably one, you must work hard for an alliance'

Ahron: 'It's hard to say that there is a strong alliance, it could be 2, it's hard to say we four have a solid alliance'

Elma: 'As what Aira says, there are 2 alliances & I'm part of one alliance'

6th Q: For the 4 who went for the Reward, did you talk about alliances while there?

Moi: 'We talked little about that, we were more concentrated on the food'

7th Q: About Moi's winning the IC & Michelle's feeling being 2nd (Refer to Crumbling Tower of Hope above)

8th Q: What is important in winning Survivor: the honor of the title Sole Survivor or the 3M?

Aubrey: '3m because it would help my family'

Moi: 'Honor, I want all to know me not as Piolo's yaya, but as person will dignity, & as someone who won Survivor to show that I can do more than being a yaya, to be an example to them that we can uplift ourselves & be proud'

Ervic: '3M can help me & my family, but equally important honor, I don't want to be known & ridiculed simply as Dingdong or Marimar, people don't understand what I went through' as he said through tears

The Blinsiding Votes

As Moi kept her IN, she was the 1st to cast her vote:

Moi: Aira

Aira: Ervic (...'wala lang...gusto ko lang'...)

Akihiro: Aira (...'you're a wonderful girl...pero I have my alliance'...)

Ahron: Aira

Solenn: Aira (...'sorry, nagkausap na's time to get dirty'...)

Michelle: Ervic (...'sana next time, matuto ka nang magdecide para sa sarili mo'...)

Aubrey: Aira (...'I'm sorry, I still love you, pasensya na'...)

Elma: Aira (...'Aira, bigyan natin ng chance si Michelle, pasensya na ha'...)

Ervic: Aira (...'alam ko target mo ako, so...mas malakas ang alliance ko feeling ko, so ikaw ang dapat umalis, hindi ako aalis'...)

Before the votes were counted, Aubrey decided with crossed fingers that she will save her immunity bracelet for the next TC

Aira: 7 votes; Ervic: 2 votes

Clueless of her votes, Aira became the 2nd member of the Jury to join Jon

The Dancing Warrior's Parting Words:

'Nagulat ako, hindi mo talaga makukuha yung strong alliance, kasi for example, lalo na yung hindi mo pinagkakatiwalaan, yun yung tumatraydor talaga. Ever since naman, alam ko kung sino talaga. least I/m happy naging part ako ng Survivor. Marami sa inyo ang gusto manalo...pero sana lang, especially sa mga ano...ingat kayo sa mga dapat nunyo pagkatiwalaan...and...goodluck'

Next on Monday: Emotional reunion with loved ones & their participation in the RC

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Epi 44: M.M.M.(Moi and Michelle's Moment?)

Immunity Challenge

The immunity challenge started entitled "Tore ng Kaalaman". Each of the castaways have their own tower of blocks neatly piled up and should answer the questions using the letter boards A,B,C,D corresponding to the choices. The questions and the choices will be dictated by Richard himself. It will be coming from the previous challenges that they have done. For every wrong answer, the castaway should get a block from any part of the tower (except the topmost part) and put it to the top. They should carefully pile the blocks in a way that their tower won't fall. The last castaway that keeps his/her tower standing wins the immunity.

"Tore ng Kaalaman"

As the questions where rolling on, each of the castaways had their chances to modify their towers. As some modifications were made, their towers have slowly losing their balance. And the first one to be out of the game was Elma. Solenn then followed her in the corner. Akihiro was quite upset to be the next person out of the immunity challenge but still he made some consideration to it. Ervic was then next to Akihiro and Aubrey unluckly joined the losers. It was then down to four people: Aira, Moi, Ahron and Michelle. The four were strong enough that they have accumulated their tower in the sudden death of the game.

Sudden Death?

In the sudden death, the castaways were then given 15 seconds to move and pile their blocks from the tower in a way that the tower won't collapse. The castaway should plan their next move to avoid conflicts on the blocks. Ahron's tower was then a little bit shake until it came to its downfall. Later on, Aira's tower came to an end. Now, the game was between Moi and Michelle. Since the remaining castaways favored Moi more than Michelle, they kept on cheering Moi up that made Michelle a nervous knowing that she really don't have an alliance at all. The challenge then ended Michelle's tower collapsed and Moi's tower left standing. Moi won the immunity necklace.

Unexpected Visitor

After the challenge, the Galone Tribe came back to their camp. In their camp, they had an unexpected visitor, Nanay Lolit Solis.

And what about Nanay Lolit? That will be up next...

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Epi 43: Girls Gone Wild

The four reward girls were clearly impressed with the white sand of the resort they went to, and were ecstatic at the first meal they had. Back in camp, the people reviewed the past challenge & their answers. Everyone was entertained by Ervic’s enthusiastic acknowledgement of his dislike for Dingdong. Then they queried Michelle about the question wherein she was vehemently saying NO. Aubrey looked on as she said the question was whether she is willing to marry Jon should he ask her to that day. In the confessional, Aubrey demonstrated her deep knowledge of the game, concisely elaborating merge rewards were double edged swords. Yes, you get to be refreshed and rejuvenated at the expense of being absent at camp where alliances can be remapped while they are away. She was ok with being left in the camp for that reason. Ervic, Ahron & Aubrey were once again at their mini conferences. This time, they were talking about getting rid of Akihiro in the next TC. Ervic said that Aki’s strategy was to be super-nice, while his was to coast the middle. That night, the shelter at camp collapsed and the castaways left behind had to fix it. It was then that Aubrey thought that going to the resort reward wasn’t so bad after all.


In contrast, the four reward girls were squealing with delight at their very nice beds & TV. Solenn even sniffed & kissed both pillow and mattress before heading off to the shower. (The camera man was tonight’s most hated & envied guy) We saw Solenn washing her hair, how the water turned brown at her feet, and we saw a lingering shot of her ankle tattoos. After everyone had taken their turns cleaning up, they went out to dine under the stars on a mat prepared for them at the beach. Solenn made a toast to Survivor exclaiming “Let the game be nasty!” While eating, they discussed the possibility of getting rid of the remaining 3 boys so they can have an all-female competition. Later on , we found out that tooth brushing was another pleasurable experience the girls enjoyed. Afterwards, they contentedly hunkered down for a comfortable night’s sleep. At breakfast time, Solenn figured that taking Mama Elma with her on the reward was a good move because she can fish information from her about the major alliance. She thought that any of the boys would have been hard to crack.

Skull Mail for Jon
Jon got a message of a coming visitor whom he must feed. Mistakenly thinking it was Trizsa, he thought he can let tell him how his foolish mistake changed the game for Jon. Even though he didn’t know much about cooking, he attempted a bistek dish. But instead of Trizsa, it was Manay Lolit who came. Lolit was equally surprised to see Jon. Her first impression was that Jon was a big, physical man and a serious contender in the game. Jon proceeded to explain how it usually turns out for strong castaways such as him. In answer to her other question about saving Michelle’s game, he said that it was strategic on his part: if Michelle goes, for sure he is next. However, if he goes, the target will shift from his girlfriend to someone who was a bigger threat. He did ponder on the what-if scenarios, what if he used the Immunity Bracelet for himself and tried to win every Immunity Challenge, etc.

Back at camp, the latest tree mail gave clues to the impending 2nd Immunity Challenge. From what they deduced on the message, the challenge would be less physical, giving everyone an almost equal opportunity at winning, and that pleased Aubrey.

Ang Tore Ng Kaalaman

Richard welcomed Abrey, Michelle, Aki, Ahron & Ervic. Then he gestured for Mama Elma, Solenn, Aira & Moi to approach, fresh and clean. Our host described that the challenge is one that will test their memory and coordination skills. Each will be given a tower, containing 9 levels of 3 blocks each, like a giant Uno Stacko. Next, they will answer a series of questions. If they give a correct answer, they don’t touch their respective towers. However, if the answer they give is wrong, then they will pull out one of the blocks (except for the top ones) and place that on top of the stack. The objective is to answer correctly to ensure that their tower remains upright. Once a tower topples, the castaway who owns it is out of the game.

Tomorrow: The winner is revealed

“Merong mapapansin ka sa kanya na hindi mo ma-explain.” Aira on Aubrey

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EPI 42: You Can't Handle the Truth!

by Rev22

The Search for the Truth
The "Don't Lie to Me" challenge began. Basically, the celebrities underwent a barrage of questions in a lie detector test before coming to Thailand. But the challenge did not just involved telling the truth to the same questions. Unfortunately the lie detector test results were not shown to the castaways so they had no idea if they answered as truthfully as the machine would approximate it to be. Failure to give an answer close to the lie detector test result will eliminate him/her from the challenge plus the loss of the comfort item to the mud pit each castaway got before the challenge.

The Truth Commisioner
No other than Lolit Solis hosted the Q&A (pre-recorded just in case she slips in a greeting or two or a long list of names). Round 1 and 2 were easy rounds probably test questions that the celebrities had answered truthfully before.

Can you repeat the question? At round 3, nanay Elma mis interpreted the question about if she gets angry when being called a "has been" or "laos". She sincerely said no but the test results said otherwise (see, a polygraph test can't say if a question was understand differently) thus she was the first to falter in the challenge. Round 4 saw the same fate to Aubrey. Thinking that she was a social climber when the results reassured her that she was mistaken.

Qualifiying your answer. Ahron was in disbelief at round 6 when he found out that he was really a "daldalero". He thought that it depended on who he was a daldalero to (girfriend, fans, or to reporters?). Round 9 was a revelation to Moi when the results said she was insecure about her looks (maybe the short haircut changed her perspective). Round 12 was a shocker to Michelle when she was reminded of an indecent proposal she once took. I guess it depends if a dare is considered an indecent proposal (apples and oranges?) At round 13, Akhiro got a rude awakening when it was pointed out that he actually posed nude in a pictorial (maybe he thought that there was not much to see). At the following round 14, Ervic thought he was not the one who broke up with her ex Marian Rivera.

What the hell? At this point, Aira and Solenn, the two most truthful castaways, were left to vie for the Miss Honesty award. Surprisingly enough, neither gave a response close to the test results. Solenn vehemently denied she joined SP to further her showbiz career challenging RG (probably sweating by now) that she would prove it after the show/season (Solenn we know you're sincere but please don't leave showbiz for good.) Aira may have had nasal problems as she did not know that some of her Sex Bomb colleagues had body odor issues. Instead of eliminating the two, another round ensued but neither still had the "truthful" answer the test results wanted. In the end, both were awarded as the winners of the challenge (maybe they ran out of questions or people were already doubting the lie detector test results).

Girl Bonding & Ladies Night. Aira and Solenn each got to choose a castaway to be their BFF for the reward. Solenn picked Elma while Aira wanted Moi to join them. The four ladies would enjoy everything that the Kopayam (?) beach resort could offer: food, drinks, beach, hot shower, air-conditioned rooms, and comfortable beds. (At this point, Jon is probably comparing his accommodations at the Jury House). In addition, all their clothes will be washed and will be ready before the next Immunity Challenge/Tribal Council (?) along with the comfort items awarded to them.

RG enlightened us that this reward is an opportunity for the winning castaways to make, rekindle, or create alliances.

The ladies were greeted with cold welcome drinks in the resort. They ate burgers, pasta, chicken, and salad.

Tomorrow: Ladies night out on the beach and the possible return of the girl power alliance. (there are more women than men in Galone now)

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Epi 41: Introducing the Jury House

by Zalds

Day 22: Jury House

John was brought to the Jury House by Richard who conducted a mini-tour for him. John noted the food and basic amenities like shower, tv and the fridge, but what he wants and misses is his PSP.

Day 23: Galone Tribe

Michelle distanced herself from the other CAs although she is trying to get-over the result of the TC where John was voted out. Aira prodded Ahron to bring Michelle into their alliance to give her a second chance. Ahron was hesistant at first. Aira also talked with Aubrey regarding her plan about Michelle and the possible voting out of Ervic in the next TC. Ahron meanwhile talked with Moi and Ervic about an alliance strategy. Aira witnessed this and proceeded to talk with other tribe members regarding her plans about Michelle and Ervic.

Back at the Jury House, we see John do some cooking, eating and exercising. He was visited later by the resident psychologist of Survivor Philippines. Emotional moments for John when the psychologist asked him about his feelings after he was voted out.

Galone Tribe again. A tree mail arrived stating that a local fortune teller will arrive. Along with an interpreter, the local fortune teller states out the "present and future" of each castaway in terms of relationship and competition in the game.

Some highlights:
Ahron - had 90% chance of doing what he plans out with the grand prize money (does that mean he has 90% chance of winning?)
Aubrey - will meet another foreigner when she turns 31 (ano kaya reaksyon ni Troy after watching this epi?)
Ervic - a lady with light brown skin and short hair will come to his life ("Baka si Moi yun," says Ervic jokingly)

Later on, another Tree Mail:

Magsabi ng totoo, Magsabi ng tapat..
Huwag magsinungaling para di malaglag.

First rewards challenge as Galone Tribe involving a Q&A with reference to a lie detector test conducted to the CAs one week before Day 1 in Manila. Castaways draw lots for prize of comfort like blankets or pillow.

Mechanics of the Challenge: ___ Prize: Overnight stay in a resort

BUKAS: The rewards challenge.. with a guest "Intrigera"

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Epi 40: Galone's Last Night as a Complete Tribe

(Tribo filling in for TBP)

The merriment & celebration that ensued from the merge of Sar Mayee & Nagar as one tribe Galone was short lived, for the next day each castaways prepared themselves for the IC, which was single-handedly won by Akihiro, as no other CA dug as quickly in all 4 rounds. It was a consensus that anyone should win the Immunity Necklace, all except Jon for he was seen as a threat.

As the outcasts of Galone, Jon & Michelle felt that they were already good as ousted, only that who goes first doesn't matter to the rest of the tribe as long as both are in the chopping block. As a strong contender who wouldn't leave without a good fight, Jon planned on making everyone vote against Michelle, give the immunity bracelet to save her which would nullify her votes, & eventually oust the CA who the couple would vote off (that time they haven't revealed who, but we can only surmise it is the other corner of the triangle), hoping that they would pull off this impossible but probable move.

The day that leads to the TC, it was filled with moments of altruism. With all scheming set aside for the mean time, the activities were like a part of group therapy sessions, that can be divided into:

I: Shelter re-modeling
II: Tree planting
III: Tribemates appreciation
V: Sharing
VII: Acceptance of Truth
VII: TC Post Mortem

Day 22: Shelter Remodeling

At the brink of being voted out Jon opted to re-fix their shelter while the CAs were still sleeping, which woke them up & irked some like Ahron & Moi, but instead of confronting Jon, all of them offered to help him. But as Jon would rather do the fixing himself & didn't want any help from anyone else except Michelle, Aira & Moi, the rest just went away to talk about Jon's brash action & their affirmation of voting him off.

Having a nicely made shelter concerned Jon, although he felt he would be voted out, he did use his remaining time to help the tribe be comfortable.

Treemail about Tree Planting

Jon checked the treemail, and passed the scroll to Michelle for her to read to everybody. For each CA they have to plant five saplings, dedicated to mother nature & to their loved ones.

Aubrey's trees were for her husband Troy & their children who she missed so much. Mama Elma dedicated hers for her husband, wishing for them to have a new house. Ahron, who haven't seen his mom for 18 years, planted his tree for her & hoped them would see each other soon. Solenn wrote her thanks for her mom in tagalog while for her dad in french. We see Aira's dedication for all CAs, her brother & to her fellow Sex Bomb dancers for a wonderful experience with them.

Ervic planted his trees for his brother & mom, while Moi thought of her son, wishing him to be always be good boy. Akihiro dedicated his trees to his mom & to his brother who passed away at an early age. Michelle was a little emotional dedicating her sapling to Jon whom she considered her rock in the island, as she wouldn't last for 22 days without him. And likewise, Jon lovingly dedicated his tree to Michelle.

Galone's First TC

Akihiro led their way to TC as RG welcomed them to their first TC as merged tribe Galone. RG's first question was about the use of immunity bracelet by Aira & Moi, which they answered as necessarily to make sure they stayed in the game & reach the merge.

The last TC was double elimination of Mico & Ian, did anyone of them missed the two. For Ian, Aira said she missed him because he was funny (but in another island interview Ian said he was annoyed by Aira), & Akihiro missed the guy because he knew him before the show.

For Mico, Solenn answered that as her tribemate she missed him but she had to vote him out because she felt he would betray him in the future.

Michelle was asked if she's happy Ian got voted off, when he was planning to vote her, to which she replied that being allied with Jon & not being part of a bigger tight alliance put them to into disadvantage, so it was either Jon & her now that she dressed herself nicely as she was all ready to go.

Ahron was also quoted as wanting to vote off Michelle, to which she replied that she didn't made the extra effort to align herself with the others, being outside of the major alliance that wanted to vote Jon & herself earlier on, she was just cautious about whom to trust lest Jon's plans were foiled.

Jon surmised that even before the merge, everyone is strategizing already to get closer to winning the game & part of that strategy was eliminating him as a physical threat, even if Akihiro also showed physicallity & even winning the first Immunity Necklace. To which Aubrey retorted that the necklace could be worn today but tomorrow you could lose it, everyone still need each other to make their way to the top, so playing alone would not help & wearing the necklace would't help as much either, as this is not only a physical game but a social game as well.

And being part of the top ten, Mama Elma was so elated to be part of the merge, being part of the doomed Magan tribe, she & Solenn as the last Maganites, were really lucky to get this far.


Seeing loved ones cooked for them, made the CAs miss them even more. Aubrey reminisced about the day when she bid goodbye to her husband which made her shed tears. Jon reaction when he saw his brother cooked for him was that of surprised as he doesn't normally cook. Michelle appreciated that her mom cooked her favorite caldereta. Aira was bit bashful that her mom looked more gorgeous than her, but loved her nonetheless.

Sharing Laughters, Sandbags & Love

Were the CAs sincere with their cheers on Akihiro's show of agility in the IC, to which he replied that it was just too funny for them the way he dug the treasure chests.

Aubrey found a chest but gave the sandbag to Mama Elma while Michelle was looking on, since Aubrey already had an immunity bracelet, but prefered Mama Elma over Michelle (for obvious reasons) to have the sandbag instead.

Being a couple has its disadvantage but Jon gave his love to Michelle unconditionally to which Michelle became teary-eyed.

The Truth in Voting

After the 1o CAs wrote their votes, RG asked them if anyone wanted to play the immunity bracelets. Aubrey opted to use it in the future, while Jon willingly gave to Michelle as the couple planned & played it in which all votes against Michelle were nullified. Akihiro kept his Immunity Necklace as well.

The votes:

Voted against Jon: Ahron, Aira, Jon, Solenn

Voted against Michelle: Aubrey, Ervic, Akihiro, Elma

Voted against Aubrey: Jon & Michelle

4 votes Jon, 4 votes Michelle 2 votes Aubrey. Jon, by virtue of the Immunity Bracelet given to Michelle, was voted out & became the first member of the jury.

Jon's Parting Words

"I was hoping all would vote for Michelle & blind side Aubrey. If I used the bracelet for myself & if I lose the next IC then I'm gone, so I wanted to put up a fight. I don't wanna go down just by giving up the bracelet then try to win the next IC I wanna take somebody out. It didn't go as planned so I tried. But no regrets. I played hard, I played 22 days. Unfortunately my plan didn't work. Michelle...come the next IC don't give up, you never kmow what would happen next, if not, see you soon. The rest of CAs grudges..."

Back at the camp

All refrained from talking about the TC as Moi believed it was for respecting Michelle after her boyfriend just got voted off, but Akihiro felt all were relieved from Jon's ousting.

But for Michelle, she didn't want Jon to go because Jon had a better chance of winning every immunity challenge, & a greater chance of reaching top five.

For Aubrey she justified that, Jon was deserving to stay (than Michelle) but as a threat he needed to be eliminated.

Next on SP: RG orienting Jon as the first jury member in the Jury House

Jon: "I think Aubrey's running the show. She's got her puppets, she's using her puppets to talk to other puppets..."

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Epi 39: Immunity Necklace Is For Grab.

Day 21

Majority of the Galone Tribe are still busy planning on how to eliminate John as early as possible. Solenn then confessed to Elma that John and Michelle is trying to convince her to join their alliance but Solenn is not with them. With Aira as the unknown alliance, Ervic then planned for his own safety against the John and Michelle. It seems that everyone in the tribe wants John to be voted off, well except Michelle of course.

Tree mail came and read by Ahron. Later on, the castaways were then set to the challenge area and was received by RG. Immunity Idol was return and was replaced by the immunity necklace. RG also asked the castaway on how was it in their new tribe.

Immunity Challenge.

Who ever wins the challenge wins the immunity necklace. The mechanics of the game is to find a sandbag inside a chest buried in the sand. The chest may have or may not have a sandbag on it. The other castaway can steal the sand bag as long as it wasn't been secured to the mat. After the castaway got his/her sandbag, it should then be secured in the individual mat. The challenge will have 4 rounds. The castaway that can't secure a sandbag is out.

Since the former Sar Mayee tribe, which composed of Ahron, Moi, Elma and Aira, they were then excepted to the first round and were advanced to the second round.

The first round was composed only of the former Nagar tribe. They can find 6 chest with only 4 sandbags.

1st>>> Akihirio
2nd>>> John (Ervic thought of stealing the sandbag but withdraw the thought.)
3rd>>> Ervic ( He was just so relax and that made Michelle to think to steal his sandbag.)
4th>>> Elma ( Aubrey got it but she prioritized Elma for a bigger changes of defeating John.)

The second round. 9 chests can be found but only 7 sandbags are available.

1st>>> John
2nd>>> Akihiro
3rd>>> Ahron
4th>>> Ervic
5th>>> Elma
6th>>> Solenn
7th>>> Moi (Aira then helped Moi in digging the chest and later on, they made a great scene that deceived everyone.)

The third round. 5 chest can be found and only 3 sandbags are available.

1st>>> Akihiro
2nd>>> Ervic
3rd>>> Ahron ( With this result, majority of them felt happy for the defeat of John.)

The final round. Only 1 sandbag to determine the winner.

Akihiro found the first chest but it was empty. He transferred to the other location and then found a chest again. This time the chest has the sandbag. He then ran, jumbled and rolled in the sand until he reaches the mat.

With Akihiro's achievement, his tribemates gave him a nickname "human canine".

In their camp, everyone was really focused on how to eliminate John using Michelle since he has the immunity bracelet.

Next: Tribal Council

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Epi 38: A Night of Revelry, A Day of Scheming

A feast is always welcome. A feast for hungry & tired castaways, even more so. This one is especially meaningful for them because it signified that each of them made it to the merge. Just 9 more competitors to deal with on the way to triumph. Piece of cake, right?

This particular feast was no generic buffet. Each dish the castaways received was their favorite and video-presented by people of personal importance to them. Eric’s Mom cooked Kare-Kare. Jon’s brother, whom he never knew can cook, concocted chicken fritters with mashed potatoes. Troy made a healthy eggplant parmesan dish to his hot mama, Aubrey. We also found out that Troy was the cook in their household. Michelle’s Mom cooked her fave spicy caldereta, and she was teary once more, watching the video. Akihiro’s good buddy, the equally delectable Fabio, made a Brazilian beef dish, hearkening memories from their homeland. Ahron’s Dad made blanched shrimp, Elma’s hubby made sinigang, while Aira’s Mom had nilagang bulalo. At the sight of that, Aira couldn’t help but dance. Solenn’s famous friend, Heart, prepared risotto and Moi’s BFF made laing. Everyone shared each other’s dishes. Moi’s laing proved to be popular with the others. Aubrey, who was seated in between Jon & Michelle, felt the animosity disappear for that one night.

Night 20

Expecting improved living conditions, the castaways were dismayed to find their camp was the old one, minus the perks they won in the previous Reward Challenges. They tried to do some improvements before hitting the sack but the camp was too small to fit all 10 of them. Some decided to just sleep under the stars.

Day 21

The girls left the boys to deal with the shelter while they went out to gather food. Later on, Ervic saw Solenn & Michelle whispering and decided to tail the two. This didn’t go unnoticed by the girls. Michelle was saying that Ervic was such a paranoid, always watching whom she speaks with. Ervic, on the other hand, claimed to be confident that the numbers favor him. Solenn knew that Michelle was trying to get her allegiance; but for her, she will just say yes to what everyone was saying and then ponder later on who she can really trust. Michelle acknowledged the flaw of Jon’s and her gameplay, because they have no real treaty beyond their pair. After their chat, Solenn went to Ervic and told him that Jon & Michelle’s main target was Aubrey & him. Ervic then tried to recruit Solenn to be the spy, in exchange for being let into the existing alliance of himself, Aubrey, Aki & Elma. As far as Solenn is concerned, her role is of “Wala Lang”, someone who was not a threat and no obvious alliance. She felt she was doing something right, having survived 8 oustings so far.
When an opportune moment was available, Aubrey talked to Moi & the others, admonishing them of the importance of winning the upcoming Immunity Challenge. She was saying that if strong Jon wins, he’ll have immunity & then give his unused bracelet to Michelle to protect her. Moi suggested splitting the votes. Aki was adamant of not voting for Jon, but was willing enough to vote Michelle out. Solenn suggested that she tell Michelle she’ll be the next target.

Tomorrow: Out with the idol, in with the necklace.

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Epi 37: The Merge-Galone in Galore!

We left the CAs with Michelle still lost in the market. Michelle eventually got back with Sar Mayee but Jon gave her an earful for separating from the group. Aki luckily found the temple with burmese women giving Sar Mayee a lead in the race. They were then tasked to put traditional make up on their female tribemates. The next task was to carry a wheelbarrow to the market. Upon seeing Nagar, Jon hid the wheelbarrow until Nagar passed him. In the next stop, Sar Mayee was tasked to deliver fruits to the next market using the wheelbarrow.

At this time, Nagar was still confused on where the burmese women were. It took them a while before realizing it was the temple they were looking for. Unfortunately they forgot to bring the wheelbarrow that was still in the temple. They did eventually got their wheelbarrow. Being the only male left in Nagar, Ahron had to carry the load for the entire leg.

Sar Mayee had the luxury for their men to take turns pushing their cart. The fruits were spilling over so they carried some of them in their bags. Unfortunately, they had a wrong guide that led them to the wrong market.

Nagar had better luck in finding the weekend market first (big flags of SP were posted). After delivering all the fruits, they had a daunting task in eating hot and spicy noodles (not your Lucky Me variety). Sar Mayee caught up and Aki tried to gobble all of his tribemates noodles.

But Nagar had the advantage of a large lead that allowed them to forge ahead. Solenn did feel some tummy ache.

Well, thanks to Aki, they did cut some of the lead of Nagar. The next task was much clearer read as tribes were to go to a hot spring carrying some lobsters.

Nagar cooked the lobsters in the hotspring and got their next clue. In the end, Nagar got the clue leading them to the pit stop este final leg where RG announced that they won the challenge and a strategic advantage in the next challenge which RG will reveal at the challenge. Sar Mayee finished a couple of minutes (or was it half an hour?) later.

RG then treats the CAs to dinner. It was then announced that they had new buffs (blue). The merge dissolves Nagar and Sar Mayee. The new tribe: Galone. The mighty eagle warrior.

Quick fact: In Burmese, Garuḍas are called Galone, enormous predatory birds with intelligence and social organization. Mythical king of birds. It has a beak, 2 wings, 2 hands, and 2 legs.

Tomorrow: Video messages from the CAs' loved ones. An added treat of getting their favorite food/meal as prepared by their loved ones.

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Epi 36: TARSP

by Zalds

Ian is out via Double Elimination

T.A.R.S.P. (The Amazing Race in Survivor Philippines)

BUKAS: Tribal merge is in the works.

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Grand Fans Day Revelations

by Rev22

First of all, thanks to Happy Camper for the seats and backstage pass. Kay Ant na rin for calling me to the seats and "escorting" us backstage. BTW, our "golden boy" Tribo took some time away from his "Welcome Back" party just to be with us (that includes getting to see Solenn). Anyway, that was everybody in dotcom. Guys, where were you? Hopefully not sleeping in a lazy sunday afternoon (bato, bato sa langit...)

Just in case you don't want to read through all of this, here are the highlights: The streamers of the CAs are a spoiler by themselves. Gold coins were given away! Ian tried to sing and then tried to dance. Mico sang well and can bust a move. Pretty Trizsa does her comedy bar routine with the Foxy Ladies. Richard picks Nanay Elma's daughter out of the female fans present. BTW, please watch SP exclusive later as a lucky dotcomer got to go on a date with the host himself. Solenn is a dream even in real life. Aira can really go solo. Male CAs took it off! Female CAs want men who know their anatomy. RG revealed the merge is this week. CAs did a dance production number. Did I say that golden boy and I crashed the backstage just to get a pic with Solenn? Thanks Solenn for signing my journal! It think the last is the main highlight of the day.

Ok for the long story...

The pre program started off with some games for the fans. I thought it was beneath me to participate and have my 5 minutes of fame/shame for a pin or shirt. Then they started giving out gold coins! How I wished I just acted out ritsard since it looked like we had the same body proportions at the time.

We never got to the photo booth since the main program was about to start. Everyone of the CA was introduced as they were escorted by tribal dancers. Doc Ferds wasn't there probably because of the hectic sched of BTBW. Everyone looked great and seemed to have recovered from the island fever.

Ian attempted a song and later on showed us some of his dance moves with Aira and Mico. Who knew Mico could sing and later bust a move? Michelle did a song. She still looked very tanned. Then the male castaways (Ervic, Ahron, Ian, Jon, and Buwi) gamely participated in the "most kissable" game along with some preselected female fans. I guess Mico was too young to participate since the game required the girls to get as many kissmarks on the male CAs. So the male castaways took of their shirts off as the girls kissed away.

Pretty Trizsa got her Foxy Ladies (3 and half of them) on stage and had her own game. A few of her "kabaro" went on stage and participated in showdown of sorts. It was a bit crude and entertaining.

Richard also came and participated in one game with 3 preselected female "fans" vying to be Richard's choice. One was nanay Elma' daughter, one was Ervic's cousin, and one was...ok she was a fan of Solenn. They ramp modeled, showed their talent (way to go Nanay Elma's kid) and did the the three questions and answer portion. RG picked Nanay Elma's kid and promised to ask permission to Nanay Elma (and to Solenn as well?)

The Who muna tayo. Sino itong dotcomer na nakuha sa camera na nakikipagdate sa ating kagiting na host habang? Kung gusto niyo malaman ang identity niya at kung ano ginawa nila, ay manood kayo ng SP exclusive mamaya. Clue: dating artista siya na tumakbong bise sa isang lungsod. Tama ba Argentina Rwanda?

Michelle and Aubrey had their separate song numbers. Forgot what Michelle sang but Aubrey sang a "miles" song. I think Ahron sang and Buwi showed he can go solo minus his two bands (an ode to doc ferds?) The female CAs (Princess Snell, Moi, Solenn, Karen, Mayka, Michelle) had a game with again some preselected male fans (Si Tribo kasi late na dumating). It was like "post it" the body part. Females will identify the male fan's body part that begin with T while the male will identify the female body parts that begin with P (it doesn't matter if its english or tagalog). Well Solenn gamely said a male body part in tagalog that would be censored on tv. In her defense, how could she have known that? Her main languages are english and french.

Aira showed she could go solo in her dance and later on lead the CAs in their final dance production number. The backrow CAs were trying to keep up.

The show is over and Happy Camper and Ant escorted us (me and Tribo) backstage. For golden boy, it was a dream come true: two pics and a kiss to Solenn. I didn't venture on a kiss but got a pic and Solenn did write on my journal. Thanks Solenn. We got to get pics with the other CAs. BTW, the surprise dotcomer was nuke. Katulad ng dati ay nagkalat ng lagim sa backstage.

The final activity last night was a diner na naka LS. That made the whole day complete. Did one dotcomer spilled some more beans? Hahaha. We can't say.

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Epi 35: A Night Of Betrayal

(recap updating...)

In Sar Mayee’s camp, Aubrey retrieved the key that would unlock the scroll box from the treemail holder. Everyone was very interested what it contained: it was an invitation to attend the Tribal Council of Nagar that night. Back in Nagar, the rain seemed to commiserate with the tribe’s deflated mood, they decided to eat a big meal to compensate. And then the scheming began. Moi started the ball rolling with the girls, trying to steer Aira into believing that Ian will be targeted. Ian, on the other hand, was pissed with Aira’s happy mood, since she is the only one really confident of safety. He whined incessantly about this to Ahron & Moi. Ahron added to his ire by stating that Aira wants Ian out this round. Then, people started trying to do the math & outcome on possible vote arrangements. Mico was trying to find ways to save both him & Solenn. Ian was doing the seaside meditative thing while Solenn & Aira was gathering edible creatures nearby. When Solenn was alone, Ian approached her and insinuated that Mico wanted to target her. At this statement, Solenn was very dubious owing to the fact that she & Mico are very tight, but it did plant seeds of doubt.

A Crowded Tribal Council

At the start of the Tribal Council, our chubby host announced that Sar Mayee will be witnessing this session as part of their reward, and in they came. First, he asked Nagar to compare their team with the counterpart. Most of them acknowledged that Sar Mayee is more superior to them in terms of physical strength and teamwork. He then proceeded to ask them uncomfortable questions designed to reveal alliances and antagonisms. It was easier to answer the “who do you like” questions wherein Elma & Akihiro seemed to come out tops. There was more reluctance in the “who you don’t like” question. Here, Jon & Michelle were the sad recipients: Jon, for being a threat and Michelle, for not contributing in camp work enough. In the “who do you trust” querry, it was again Elma & Aki who was more popular, seconded by Aubrey & Ervic. Richard then turned the interrogation inwards, asking each Nagar member about respective relationships and alliances. The answers seemed to show a strong affinity with the old tribal lines. They were especially evasive when asked who they thought was a traitor. Showbiz answers started pouring in.

Richard drew the attention of Moi, recalling how dismal her performance was in the last two Immunity Challenges. A squirming Moi owned up to her deficiency, particularly with forgetting the color-coding of the Sudoku numbers.

The Outcome

After Nagar cast their vote Richard asked the two Immunity Bracelet holders, Moi & Aira, if they want to use it or pass it on to others. Both of them opted to keep the charms for now. When the vote was being read, Mico became visibly nervous when his name was called for the first time. Before the last vote was revealed, he was tied with Aira with 2 votes. But the last piece proved to be fatal for his stay. He got up, got hi torch extinguished, said hearty goodbyes to the others and left.

The vote went like this: Moi, Aira & Solenn(!) voted Mico out. Ian &Ahron voted for Aira. Mico, for Ian.

But wait, there’s more!

Instead of bidding goodnight to the castaways, Richard announced that there will be a second voting round because that night was a double elimination.

Next week: Merge time?

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Epi 34: "Single Number" Declares The Winner.

Day 18

From the Isla Misteryo, Aira came back to her Nagar Camp. Aira brought the news to her tribemates that she was able to buy an immunity bracelet for only 30 gold coins. Her tribemates was showing gladness for her but deep inside they felt betrayed by what she did. After that revelation from Aira, the Nagar tribe has been very busy making future plans to their Tribal council if they will be unlucky to the Immunity Challenge. Mico and Solenn even layout their plans for the tribal council, making plans for Aira and Ian.

Suduko Puzzle

A tree mail came to both tribe. The tree mail contains a clue for the Immunity Challenge and with the tree mail are the sheets of suduko puzzles to be answered as a practice. The Suduko Puzzle has only 5 numbers that should be systematically arrange that no same number repeats in the specific location.

In Sar Mayee Tribe, Jon was the knowledgeable enough to do the suduko puzzle so he lead the teaching of the puzzle to his other tribemates. Later on, Akihiro and Ervic came to the camp from their journey to Isla Misteryo. Both of them planned their arrival and they even agreed to deceive their tribemates that they got the immunity bracelet. But as the conversation continues, Akihiro then confessed that only Aira got the immunity bracelet, which made Jon confused on what is really the truth about the possession of the Immunity bracelet. Akihiro and Ervic were then able to learn the suduko puzzles as well.

In Nagar Tribe, it was Moi who knows the puzzle well compared to her other tribemates. Ian, having the first one to read tree mail and saw the puzzle, has no knowledge on how to play the puzzle. It was then Moi thought Ian and the rest of the tribe about the puzzle.

Immunity Challenge

Before the Immunity Challange was revealed, Richard stressed out that the Challenge will be the most important challenge and it can also yield a scroll that can only be read in their camp.

The challenge was the Giant Suduko Puzzle. There are 5 colors of balls and each color consists of 5 numbers... 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Each of the tribe should choose the solver to be seated in the high seat and do the command in putting the balls to their position. The rest of the tribe members will be assisting in putting the balls as what their commander tells them. The Puzzle already has the pre.existing numbers for it to help the tribes in solving it. The pre.existing numbers should not be moved or tranferred to the other location.

In Nagar Tribe, Moi was chosen to be the solver to be seated in the high seat since she was the one who knows the puzzle well and she was able to finish the practice puzzle fast. And in Sar Mayee, Jon was the solver. Both tribes started very well in untangling the nets of the balls, well except for Ervic which was noticed by Jon to be useless.

Moi, in Nagar Tribe was quiet concentrating to solve the puzzle, as well as, Jon for Sar Mayee is in deep cognition. Nagar tribe then had a problem with the pre.existing numbers since they were able to move them in different location but then they returned it to the proper place which consumes time. Sar Mayee was also confuse with the puzzle so they started it all over again.

After 12 minutes or more, Sar Mayee was able to put all the balls in the puzzle and waited for Jon to check its position. After checking the position, Jon then announced that they got it correctly, which means they won the Immunity Idol and the scroll.

Nagar will be going to the tribal council again.

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Epi 33: Tapsilogan Blues

by Anak Ng Tinapa

The Isla Misteryo trio moseyed over to Darth Maul’s store to see what they can buy. And like most stores, it had a closing down sale. Wala kasing benta ever since. Everything was on a 50%-off sale except for the Immunity Bracelet. Aira, with the coins she gathered and the ones Ervic & Aki gave to her, managed to procure the precious trinket with gold to spare. She bought several sundry items, gave a chocolate bar each to her two companions and took the rest back to her tribe.

Being the winner of the last reward challenge, Nagar was paid a visit by the latest guest, Drew Arellano. He cooked up a big batch of tapsilog for the tribe to enjoy. They started shouting the enemies’ tribe name in the hopes that they’ll find out there was more to the reward than just the shelter comfort. And like the starving people that they are, the castaways felt that it was the BEST tapsi they had ever. Drew expected them to just scarf down the food but he was impressed that they still kept their poise. Everyone commented on how much they ate. Solenn said that she hardly enjoyed the flavour of the food because she was more focused on wolfing it down fast. After the meal, Drew gave them one more surprise: helpful plants. There was citronella for combating mosquitos (rub the extracts on the skin), aloe vera for sunburn relief, kurz for prickly heat and keriat (?) as relief for fever. Drew bid them farewell with words of encouragement.

After the meal, Nagar started reading the letters from loved ones and promptly teared up. One by one, they read the messages aloud. Ian even got a small prayerbook. In Sar Mayee, Elma read hers first. Her daughter admonished her against crying, but it was no use. She probably was ready to bawl even before the first words were read. Aubrey was affected by the emotion and was enhanced when it was her turn. Hubby Troy mentioned that their son had a fever. Michelle had a letter each from Pia (a friend), who reminded her of a departed common pal, and from Ehra (sister). The manly Jon didn’t think he would be affected by all the touching moments but traitorous eyes shed some liquid nonetheless. He was getting embarrassed with the knowledge that it’s going to come out on national TV. It’s nice to see that his eyebrows have started to grow back.

Back in Nagar, they castaways took advantage of Aira’s absence to solidify their plan to vote her out, should they lose in the next Immunity Challenge. As they were enjoying the sun, the weather suddenly shifted and the wind & rain fell on them. They hurried back to their shelter to protect it. Even in Sar Mayee, the tribe members were feeling the brunt of the fickle climate. Later on, Jon & Michelle were gathering hermit crabs to eat. The former was suggesting it was a better idea to let him go first, thinking weak Michelle will no longer pose a threat to the others. Michelle was dubious with that plan because she felt that she had no close relations with any of the others.

Aira came back to her tribe, approaching like the “wicked witch of the west” according to Ian. She was surprised by her mates with left-over tapsilog. She also had her own surprise for them. She happily announced that she procured for herself an Immunity bracelet.



(Right above are two-paragraphs worth of collective d’uh moments from Survivor fans watching, each one slapping their foreheads in frustration with this blunder.)

The others in Nagar began having forced smiles on their faces. Their plan just dissolved in front of them. Plan B now, was to make Aira believe that it would be Ian that will be voted off so she would feel safe enough not to use the Immunity Bracelet. The others started dropping unsubtle hints that Aira should save the safety net come merge time.

The next treemail came with some numbered charts. The way the people in Sar Mayee understood it, they would be doing a Sudoku-style kind of challenge. They started practicing what they perceived to be the task that will be set before them.

Tomorrow: Immunity Challenge.

“Since I’ve met Ervic, I think he’s useless.” -Jon

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Where you like it...(slum book question)

by Doc Rx

Possible answers of the CAs in their slum books (not the same question that had gone viral in FB)

Aubrey: I like it on the muddy ground.
Solenn: I like on the..what do you call it? Ah..papag!
Aira: Flexible naman ako kaya I like it leaning on a tree.
Moi: Kahit nung nasa pinas pa ako gusto ko sa tamang lugar. Magagalit si Papa Piolo eh.
Elma: Pwedeng pass muna. Medyo personal iyan.
Michelle: Di ko na pinag iisipan iyan. Basta binibigay ko na lang kay Jon. Bahala na siya kung saan niya gusto.
Jon: Anywhere. Just not on the roof of our shelter.
Mico: Ayoko sa shelter. Nandito ka sa isla kaya I like it outdoors.
Aki: Ako walang plano. Kahit saan, masaya ako. Ahohoho. (japanese laugh ni Suzuki)
Ian: I like it on the table but my tribemates say its inappropriate.
Ahron: I like it near the campfire but some complain that it becomes too hot.
Ervic: Tinatamad ako kaya kung saan na lang ako na pahiga.
Trizsa: Ako basta malapit sa tubig like sa pond, lake, o ilog as long as water source.

The actual question: Where in the camp do you keep your shovel?

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Epi 32: 24 (Twenty four)

by Doc Rx

The following events happened between the hours of ___ PM and ___ PM (no clue what was the timeline ^__^)

Slumber Party (early evening?). You would think celebrities are used to being up whether its a late night event or a shooting in the wee hours in the morning. But none of them have expected to be coaxed to sleep during a shoot. We left both tribes struggling against fatigue and the comforts of a good night sleep. Two hours and 30 minutes into the challenge, Ervic loses control of his faculties while he elicit jeers from the CAs. Napagkamalan atang arinola ang metal bowl.

Aubrey Hears "The Who"(late evening?). Its around three hours now of insomia when the massage therapists come back and give head massages (the temples, scalp and forehead!). To keep everyone awake Aubrey narrates some "The Who" blind items.

Dropping the Ball(very late evening?). At four hours, Richard announces that the first tribe to drop a ball loses. (Yup even RG knew this could have taken a few more hours if they stayed with the two ball drop). So finally after four hours and 35 minutes, Elma, in a moment of fatigue, drops the ball. Nagar wins the challenge! The bigger they are the harder they sleep? Anyway, fluffy pillows for Nagar! Plus the beds, blankets, and shelter improvements.

Secret scroll and Love Letters(still very late evening). Richard asks Aki to read the scroll he got during a previous epi (when they were asked to got to the beach and search for something while one tribe member was to raid the rival camp). After reading the clue in the scroll, Richard instructs him to select someone to join him in looking for an immunity bracelet in Isla mysteryo. Aki chooses Ervic. Nagar also gets a chance to choose one member to send to the island and that is Aira.

Richard then gives out letters from the love ones which they would read at camp. This was for sale in Isla Mysteryo but I guess the store keeper decided to give it away as they are closing shop. Aubrey got a letter from Troy saying her son got a fever. Aubrey cries as she is allowed to read a few lines of her letter in front of the two tribes. In her solo interview, she expresses that the letter gave her renewed energy in the game.

Moving Out Sale?(morning after) In Isla Mysteryo, Scary store keeper shows his wares to Aira, Aki, and Ervic. They were then shocked to see an immunity bracelet for sale for a limited time only at a price of 30 gold coins. A scroll with a clue is handed to the three. However they couldn't dis cipher the clue. Aki thought the only place the coins would be hidden would be in the beach but it was high tide. Aki was too tired so he decided to let Ervic and Aira have the chance to get more coins. Ervic, the power napper este player, realized that Aki was again focusing (read as resting). Ervic then followed suit and had his own siesta.

As Aira gets to pick a lot of coins in a open area and put them on her secret pocket, she asks the two guys if they still wanted to join her in finding some more. Aki generously offers to give coins to her so she can buy an immunity bracelet. Aki thinks that Aira is the most vulnerable to be voted out in Nagar.

Aki gets a letter from Fabio (bromance left in pinas?) telling him not to trust people in the game. Aira gets a letter from Aifa her friend that eggs her to do her best and that people miss her. Ervic gets a letter from his siblings (I read the word Kuya in his letter)

Ervic decides to give any coin he finds to Aira which are just a few since he is too tired to look for more. Aki tells Aira she needs a few more to get an immunity bracelet. Ervic and Aki warns Aira that she would be the next to be voted out in Nagar. She shouldn't also tell her tribe about the immunity bracelet. Aira doesn't like to be dishonest to her tribe but thinks about it.

Rapsa Papa in the House este Camp!(early morning) Sar Mayee tries to improve its shelter but heavy rains dampens any chance for them to finish it.

The opposite situation was happening in Nagar as it was fun, fun, fun under a smiling sun. As Nagar does some abdominal exercises, Drew appears in the camp. (is he again pinch hitting for Richard as host?) It turns out that part of the Nagar reward will be for Drew to show off his cooking skills. A breakfast for champions with his signature filipino dish: Topsilog.

Tomorrow: Sar Mayee's shelter turns out to be unsafe.

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Epi 32 working title: Bente Kwatro

by Doc Rx

Previously on Bente Kwatro

6:00 PM. Sar Mayee at Nagar got treemail.
6:25 PM. Just finished reading tree mail dahil hirap magsalita ng tagalog. Tribes had their shovel time before proceeding to challenge area.
7:30 PM. Reached challenge area. Tribes thought it was a merge and the shelter with beds is the new camp. Richard addresses the tribes of the festivities to be done.
7:35 PM. The cookie monsters raid the cookies, biscuits, orange juice, tea, milk, and beer. Solenn wondered why there were 10 beds. Ian suspected that part of the challenge was not to fall asleep. Aubrey tried not to eat too much. Jon argued they were all being ridiculous.
7:41 PM. The tribe agrees with Jon and continues to feast. People are in the look out that Pretty Trizsa might gate crash and eat the rest of the cookies. Drew Arellano dropped by and joined in the festivities.
8:30 PM. Ran out of beer. Mystery Camper asked to go on a beer run. Nearest store is in Isla Mysterio. Tribes agreed to use gold coins left by Trizsa.
9:15 PM. Mystery Camper has not returned. Festivities end as Richard surprised the tribes with the challenge. CAs that fall asleep and drop their metal ball into the metal bowl will get bird droppings from the "Ibong Adarna" and turn into stone. Just kidding. CAs did their "evening rituals" before starting the challenge. Ervic thought he forgot to do something.
10:15 PM. Massage therapists started fanning the CAs with abanicos. Ian almost fell asleep and unconsciously uttered, "I love you bro" then suddenly woke up realizing his slip up.
11:15 PM. Mystery Camper came back with no beer but 2 cases of SangSom. Aira left Aubrey and decided to sleep. Aubrey couldn't sleep because of her insomnia. Asked Aki if he wanted a knife and calamansi to keep him awake.
12:15 PM. Massage therapist came back and started massaging CAs. No "happy ending" was given. Therapist got big tip for the late night massage session.
1:15 AM. Lights out since generator in the island is only up to 1:00 AM. Nakatawad pa nga.

In this episode of Bente Kwatro:

? AM. Smell of urine permeated. People looked at Mystery Camper who quickly denied the deed. Ervic later admitted it was him.
? AM. One tribe dropped two balls. Other tribe won the challenge.
? AM. Aira, Aki, and Ervic went to Isla Mysteryo. Scary store owner asked them to wait for another hour since the store opens later. Suggested they dig for a few more coins.

So what will happen in this epi? Abangan!

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Epi 31: "Endure the Pampering" challenge

by Zalds

Night 16: Nagar Camp

The tribe receives a tree mail:

"Tindahan sa islang mahiwaga,
malapit nang magsara,
gamitin na lahat ng yaman.
Polseras ng pagkaligtas,
dapat ng mapitas."

Ahron quickly deduced that the tree mail pertains to the coins that they have gotten from Isla Misterio and Mico suggested that they combine their coins to purchase something practical to all of them. By this, means something cheap that the whole tribe will benefit. Ahron commented that they have to think twice about the tree mail, maybe it's a test and that they don't have to follow what was written, they don't have to use the coins, don't have to buy anything, because the said coins might be use in the later part of the game.

Day 17

At Sar Mayee camp, Akihiro commented that they missed Trizsa a bit, for her "cheer" every time she got a tree mail. Michelle, Aubrey and John stated their views with regard their decision in voting out Trisza.

Later, a tree mail arrives to both tribes stating an upcoming challenge.

"Putik at lupa ang kakalabanin,
maghukay hindi ng bangkay kundi ng bangka,
Ang premyong nakabaon regalong hindi matatanggihan,
Huwag kalimutan ang lider ng tribo... kalaliman"

At the challenge area, the castaways were greeted, not by Richard, but by Drew Arellano. (This is a treat to those people who prefers him, rather than Richard, in becoming the new host of Survivor Philippines).

Drew then explains the "activity" (NOTE: he did not use the word 'challenge') they will undergo. Both tribes will dig up a boat, where they will find a flag corresponding to their tribe's color. Whichever tribe who will dig up their flag first wins a reward in the form of energy drinks. "And you will be needing those energy drinks, trust me." says Drew. (Bunsoy, here's the connection of this activity to the upcoming rewards challenge that we discussed about. Personal note: I find Drew's hosting much better than 'chard).

And the "activity" started with both tribe members digging up in various spots searching for the boat. Nagar team were smart enough to bring their shovels to the challenge, as stated by Solenn and as observed by Ervic, "Oo nga ano? bat di namin naisip yan.." (Oo nga naman, sinabi na nga sa tree mail na maghuhukay kayo eh) Mico was the first one to locate the boat. His tribemates then join him in digging it up. But Drew stated that there is only one boat, so John prodded his Sar Mayee tribe to help Nagar in digging up the said boat.

Drew noticed that some tribe members have dug up some bottles of energy drinks so he reminded both tribes that before they could drink these they must find and get the flags first. John and Moi noted that Aubrey and Michelle were just standing at the side and not helping, in which Michelle and Aubrey defended themselves by saying that there is no more space for them in digging up. Later on, the castaways were able to dig up the boat but it was Elma who found the yellow flag first despite a wound inflicted on her hand. Sar Mayee won the "activity" but Akihiro decided to share the reward (energy drinks) with Nagar. Before leaving the tribes, Drew commented that they are going to need the energy drinks for later, in which John was dismayed as he planned to save the energy drinks if he had known this before hand.

Rewards Challenge

At their respective camp site, the castaways have received a tree mail.

"Matulog nang gising,
Nang malayo ang marating,
Para makuha ang hiling,
Tulog na mahimbing."

Arriving at the challenge area, Richard greets them and ask for Nagar's reaction to Sar Mayee's voting out of Trizsa. General response was "naging tahimik". Michelle noted that Richard was back and she cannot comprehend the significance of the challenge posed to them by Drew earlier. (wala lang, pinagod lang naman kayo, but then you drank the energy drinks afterwards which you should have reserved for this challenge). Richard then presented to them a feast, specifically noting the following: warm milk, hot tea and cold beer. The castaways enjoyed the food and drinks but after sometime, they started to think about the significance of the challenge. Solenn noted that behind them was a tent with 10 beds, but they were 12 castaways in all. Ian was first to deduced the challenge, noting that they were served food and drinks that could easily induced sleep when one has taken a lot of it. John stated that Ian's deduction was ridiculous. Richard then invited them to the tent and explained the true nature of the challenge.

Five members from each tribe will lay down in the beds. The objective: Do Not Sleep. Each tribe member who will participate will hold a metal ball over a metal basket while laying down. First tribe who will drop 2 balls LOSES the challenge. Rewards for the winning tribe includes beds, pillows, blankets and extra shelter. Aubrey and Aira chose to sit out this challenge.

And the "walang tulugan" game started. As the CAs settle themselves, Richard sets up the mood and signals for a music to be played to induce the challengers to sleep.

45 minutes passed, John acknowledged that Ian's "ridiculous" idea turns out to be right and his guess was perfect. Aira and Aubrey enjoyed some beer while sitting out.

An hour passed, Richard signaled for some people to enter the tent. These people actually carried fans which they use to fan on the CAs further tempting them to go to sleep. Richard noted that Akihiro's eyelids were starting to drop in which Aki stated that he was just "concentrating".

2 hours have passed, Richard called on some therapists to enter the tent and render soothing and relaxing massage to the challengers. When the therapists have left, the lights inside the tent were then dimmed to further tempt the challengers to sleep.

BUKAS: Balls were dropped.. which tribe won? Plus some emotional moments.. again.

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Epi 30: Trisza was voted out!

The title says it all =)

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Epi 29: I Love The Way You LIE


Each of the Tribe were given a tree mail. The tree mail tells that each of them should answer the slambook with some intriguing questions that could know their tribemates well. Attached to each of their slambook were their pictures. Trisza complained about his/her (haha!) picture, stating that his/her picture was not even undergone photoshop. The rest enjoyed answering the questions in the slambook.

Make-up moment..

The Nagar tribe received a tree mail with a corresponding complete make-up kit. Solenn then volunteered to do the make up session with Moi since she is really a make-up artist. Moi really looked great with the perfect touch of Solenn's work of hand. The boy's in Nagar Tribe were quite amaze on how Solenn's work turned out.

Elma.. Here, There, Everywhere...

John talked to Elma about the incoming tribal council. He asked if she is going to vote Ervic out. Elma didn't gave a final statement to that. While she was going to get for wood Ervic followed her asking her to be with his alliance and forget what John offered her. After that conversation with Ervic, Elma then had the desicion. And then John came to the action. A little while, Elma bursted out that she was really in a total confusion on whom to vote because everyone of them wanted her to be an allied

Where Trisza Belongs..

When John and Michelle walked to look for food, their remaining tribemates had the open discussion on who to vote out. It was Trisza then confront Aubrey that she is with their alliance, but then Aubrey was quite confuse if Trisza was really strong to his/her desicion. Trisza must then prove that he/she is really capable of the alliance.

The CrossOver...

Everyone in the Nagar Tribe was so surprise to see John in their camp. It even made them froze and nervous. None of them knew why John was in their camp and for what it is. Nobody even bothered to go near to John because of their fear. John had then the opportunity to get the gold coins which he buried to the Nagar Camp. He then made an alibi of asking a rope for their shelter. Nagar Tribe wasn't able to notice that John was getting something except for the rope.

His and Her Moments...

While John calculated to Michelle the expected votes for the tribal council, Michelle kept on saying that she is going to vote for Ervic. John couldn't understand why Michelle can't perceive what he wants her to perceive on the voting outcomes until they got frustrated with each other. Akihiro, as the leader of Sar Mayee Tribe, tries to talked to between the two parties but still the situation remained the same. It even got worse when Michelle shouted to John saying "everyone hates you.. because of your attitude..." They both got mad which ended up Michelle crying so intensely. She even quoted that.. "I wanted to go home but he wanted to fight pa..."

Next: Tribal Council.. (Who's going to be voted out?)

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Epi. 28: From the very start, please be careful with... my eggs!

by Anak Ng Tinapa

Tree mail arrived early in the morning and this episode. As usual, the amboys are having a hard time reading the Pilipino wordings. Aira said that her tribe ought to win this one because being a member of Sexbomb, she’s been dancing to the Bilog Hugis Itlog ditty countless of times. “Lapit Survivors!” was Richard’s greeting to the two tribes. Next, he signalled for Trizsa and Moi to approach. “Mga castaways na galing isla misterio!” The two made a semi-grand entry by sashaying forward. But Trizsa’s mojo was short lived because the rest of Sar Mayee jokingly cringed away from her stink. He was a bit aghast at this until the others started giggling, owning up to the pun. He did acknowledge that the rest of his team smelled good. Richard asked Aaron how he was that day and the Nagar leader said he was already ok and recovered from the muscle cramps from the last task. The Immunity Idol was returned by Ervic to our host and before describing the next challenge, Richard asked Sar Mayee to choose one to sit out. Aubrey wanted it first but after a short discussion which involved Jon, Michelle got that role.

The task was all about endurance. 3 eggs will be balanced; one each in the crook of the elbows, a third cradled in the palm and the thumbs must be level with the nose. They were to stand on individual platforms. Richard mentioned that the SP record for an endurance challenge was SP2’s sole survivor Amanda who bested Shaun by staying upright with her pail for 5 hours and 52 minutes. Minutes into the game, Ervic dropped an egg from the elbow. He now is the proud record holder for the fastest to withdraw in an endurance challenge. Way to go, Ervic! Rain was pouring and they were feeling the cold. Many just closed their eyes and concentrated. Aki started moving around to avoid stiffness. Jon castigated Mico for not having elbows high enough. Mico’s defense was that his arms are not as long as Jon’s. But the former feels the latter was cheating. Trizsa dropped the egg. “Aay!” he screamed in surprise. “Kaya ko eh, kaya nga lang ang daming distractions.” Moi started defending Mico against Jon. Richard came closer and offered hot soup to whomever goes down next. Moi took the bait. “Pahingi!” moaned some of the others but Richard said she cannot share. Ian lamented Moi’s weakness. He said that the positions of her eggs were still perfect but she just didn’t have the will to last.

The next bribe was a big bar of chocolate and surprisingly, Jon jumped down to claim it. He was fed up with perceived cheating being done by Mico & Aaron. “Naging selfish siya.” Said Michelle. Aaron jumped down next, sans bribe, maybe fearing a repeat of his problem although he felt that he could have lasted longer if he wanted to. The next bribe were biscuits and Ian dropped his egg “accidentally”, or so he claimed, but Solenn thought otherwise. Moi & Trizsa then began a war of insults. Aira went down next. After 3 hours, there remained 5 standing. Aki went down next when he saw the bribe, which was beer & chips.

Nagar started teasing Sar Mayee ladies, and then Richard brought in a BLT sandwich & a glass of softdrink. Elma couldn’t resist and also, she still had sympathies for her former Magan tribemates, Mico & Solenn, so she went down. Elma was in 7th heaven, biting into the sandwich. 3 hours and 36 minutes later, Solenn, Mico, & Aubrey were still at it. The two 2 ex-Magan feared being voted off, so they had a very strong incentive for staying on. Richard then offered Aubrey an Immunity Bracelet if she chooses to go down and she promptly took it. “May feeling ako na gusto talaga nilang manalo.” she said in the confessional. Jon was pissed. “What the hell is going on?” He said that no one in their right mind was going to turn down an immunity bracelet so that secured Sar Mayee’s loss. He was extra pissed because not only are they going to tribal council, but they also can’t vote off Aubrey. Solenn, Mico & the rest of Nagar were ecstatic. For the first time in this season, the two will not attend Tribal Council. Before they left, Richard handed each tribe a pack with papers of questions for them to answer. Looks like a part of some future how-well-do-you-know-your-fellow-castaways challenge.

Everyone in Nagar was in high spirits returning to camp. Moi talked with Aaron about Trizsa’s alliance and the possible outcome of the vote-off. In Sar Mayee, a subdued Jon was repentant. “Next time let’s not give in. I apologize.” He explained that he was pissed with Mico & Aaron’s blatant cheating. And then the scheming started. He talked to Akihiro & Ervic, trying to secure their loyalty against Aubrey.

Tomorrow: The LQ & Jon throws a tantrum.

“That’s why everybody hates you because of your effing attitude!”

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After winning the reward challenge Sar Mayee got their reward. A complete bath with fresh water, shampoo, body soap, toothpaste, and deodorant. Akihiro send Trizsa while Aaron send Moi to the Isla Misteryo.

Isla Mysterio
A clue was handed to Moi and Trizsa, saying that they can find a coin hanging on the tree. Trizsa immediately saw a coin purse hanging on the dead tree on the area. He immediately climb on the tree and tore the branch of the tree so he can get the coins. Luckily the coins in the purse are enough to buy an immunity idol.

Ahron, Nagar's tribe leader had some arm and leg injury after the last reward challenge. After some medication, he went straight to his tribemates and offer some help but the later agreed to let him rest.
Buwi’s presence was in the Nagar tribe in a form of strong rain poured along with strong wind. Nagar's shelter was shaken and roofs started to fly around. Mico thought of the old Magan's shelter and felt that it won't be able stand that storm, worst the shelter might have fell on them. After the storm, Nagar started to pick the "pawids" and tried to rebuild their roof, inserting the "pawids" tightly and securing its place to strengthen it a bit. as aira tried to create fire, male tribemates were assigned to dry some leaves or "kusot".

Moi and Trizsa's stay at Isla Mysteryo bonded them. Trizsa was asked by Moi about Nagar's voting plan, he then revealed his alliances and their plans re voting out Aubrey first and then Ervic. Moi felt that she could have Trisza with her after the merge. Trisza felt it too but there were no formal talks yet. Moi just said that after the merge it would be as evident as some winks could easily transmit the message. By the end of the episode , Trizsa got 10 gold coins while Moi got 13 plus fruits.

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Ep. 26: Hataaak.. Hilaaaaa.. Puteeeek!!!

by Zalds

Arriving at the challenge area, Richard introduces the new Nagar tribe to Sar Mayee. Aira was shock and unhappy at the comment of Trizsa ("good decision") with regard the outcome of their tribal council (Gina, este Karen, was voted out).

Richard then explains the mechanics of the rewards challenge. "Mano-a-mano".. tribe versus tribe. "Kontrapelo sa putikan".. Tug of war between tribe members to get the doll/mannequin as points. First tribe to win 4 dolls/points wins the rewards.

The Rewards.. Shower with hygienic and bath products plus supply of coffee and biscuits.

And the challenge, started..

Round 1: Elma vs Aira >> Elma won (1 pt for Sar Mayee)

Round 2: Ahron vs Akihiro >> Akihiro won (2 pts for Sar Mayee)

Round 3: Solenn & Moi vs Aubrey & Michelle >> Solenn/Moi won (1 pt for Nagar)

Aubrey and Michelle are not talking with each other to strategize, coordinate and timing their efforts. No teamwork between the two according to Jon who believes that that the two just have to beat Solenn because Moi is "weak". Aubrey notes that Jon does that "leader" thing again.

Round 4: Ervic & John vs Ian & Mico >> Ervic/John won (3 pts for Sar Mayee)

Mico states that "pahirapan na lang natin" acknowledging that John & Ervic are much more powerful. Although Mico & Ian have planted a firm anchor of their body in the mud, John seize a moment when Mico & Ian are resting their resistance and urged up Ervic to pull for their win.

Round 5: Elma & Akihiro vs Aira & Ahron >> Elma/Akihiro won (Sar Mayee WON the rewards)

Ahron & Aira played defense, planted their body & limbs as anchors deep in the mud just like what Ian and Mico did. After some time, Ahron begins to feel some pain and stated that he wants to give up. Aira too is starting to wear down thus the both of them decides to gave up their resistance and let Elma & Aki pulls them.

After the challenge, Ahron felt his muscles going cramps painfully. Medics were called to attend to Ahron while Trizsa tested out the challenge and did some tug of war with Elma and then Aubrey in the mud.

This displeases Aira because Sar Mayee especially Trizsa are rejoicing despite the injury of Ahron who was being treated nearby. Moi was also displeased by their merriment and called on Trizsa to show some concern. Aubrey for her part, approaches Nagar and check on the condition of Ahron.

Bukas: Will Ahron survived his injury and continue with the game?

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Epi 25: The Emo Episode

By AnT for TBP

Aira is missing Karen for her alliance & friendship. Next morning, Elma offered to make rice-coffee which was enjoyed by her tribemates in Nagar. Many were surprised that rice can be roasted & made into such. Treemail arrived with a video camera that the castaways can use to send messages to their loved ones & show them how they live on the island. Everyone had fun hamming it up for the camera. Mico offered it to Ian to use as a form of mirror. He was hesitant to look at his image at first but eventually relented. Trizsa was showing off their bug bites and making the footage a funny one. However, Aubrey didn’t like the way Trizsa is making a comedy out of the video. For her, if you were to send something for the family, it needed to be more serious or dignified.

Mico asked Solenn what tagalong words she knows. “Ayoko ng buhay ditto kasi medyo mahirap” she said. Then they made their individual messages, the family left behind were obviously sympathetic. Aubrey’s message was involuntarily weepy because she misses her family so. Troy watched with their son on his lap. Elma’s was even more emotional. Each one of them enumerated the hardships they were dealing with playing the game of Survivor. Ian also had some drama in it. In Solenn’s turn, her father was eager to see how she does. Her parents were amazed that she can hack it in the island but then reiterated that when she has the will, she can achieve what she set out to do. Aira tells her family not to worry, confident in her ability to deal with her situation there. She even included words of wisdom for her siblings.

“Chaka na ng kamay ko.” Michelle started with this statement for her own message. Then she started bawling in front of the camera. Finally, she an avenue for expressing her frustration. “Why is everyone crying? It’s just a message.” Said Jon. His turn was cool and laid back but he seemed unable to stare at the camera straight for too long. Was that a tear desperately fighting it’s way to fall? “He acts like he’s a superstar but deep inside...He’s a teddy bear” said Jon’s brother. Trizsa didn’t want to cry so as not to appear weak. So he went the funny route.
The muscley Ervic was also teary. But introduced Trizsa as his new girlfriend. Family described him as very fussy at home in contrast to how he eats in the game. Aki greeted friends, family & even his dog.

Next week: A violent tug of war. And messy, too.

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