Seismic Wednesday

Well, this is once again a non-recap. If you want a blow-by-blow account, go to the other site that starts with survivorphilippines and then ended with a dot tv. These are just impressions by this humble poster.

So we saw the usual trials and tribulations in camp life for Survivor Castaways. Then on to the water-polo-ish Rewards Challenge. The ball was light, the paddle heavy. Chucky was having a successful time tapping on John’s stick and the latter kept losing his ball. Loose a ball, lose your cool. Chucky tapped once too many and an eruption of ‘volcanic’ proportions happened. John went all-Hulk on Chuck, smashing his stick. See, you really don’t want to piss-off a rugby player. Rough play is second-nature to them. Bulan was down 2-0 against Tala but Gino proved his resourcefulness in the game by using his hands for mobility. The others of his tribe followed suit and that spelled the difference for them to make a spectacular comeback. Oh, and Chucky’s stick got smashed by John a second time, I think.

So Bulan got two juicy fish as part of the reward. Maria & Mara came forward to Retzard for the temptation thingy. It’s the pair of IB, again, and should they accept, the pair has to separate. The difference from the last time is that if one got ousted, the other stays. I guess the production crew realized early on that the previous deal was such a sucky one that there won’t be any takers. This time, it was win-win, according to Mamabel. She had no desire to stay long in the game, but she was willing to do what she can to further Mara in the game. So, she opted to go to Tala to 1: Strengthen Bulan as a tribe, 2: Wreak havoc on Tala and 3: Privide Mara with an Immunity Bracelet. She was realistic in her assessment of her strength in the game and she was willing to endure being ostracized in a new tribe for her daughter. I love her already. And, to top it off, she’s not some meek lamb going into the lions’ den. She’s one spirited mama-bear out to create major major stress for the enemy tribe. Oooh, feisty! I’m so looking forward to the next episode. But in the meantime, let’s have fun at the raging war going on in Twitterdom.

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reviwer22 said...

Nice post again from ANT. Kawawa naman Bulan. Its barely a week in the timeline of the show but they already lost 4 people! Theoretically, Bulan can be wiped out in just 16 days of SP or just a month of TV time.

I hope Mara gives mama bel the other immunity bracelet so she can stay longer and wreak more havoc in Tala. "John angry! John smash Chuckie's paddle!"

faith said...

I so love maribel! Lucky mara having a mother like that. And ooooh tala freaked out haha

dyonisii said...

nice post AnT. i really don't want to take sides most especially on twitter. but i really can't help it. lol!

Crystal said...

no updates yet?! ako na lang! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

go TALA !! i believe in you guyz ... kahit wala na si ate maey, atleast si betong , ntitira pa .. go BETONG .. YOU can do it ..

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