Episode 13: Been a Long Time Comin'

Whether or not Abi's fantasy idol worked, she's the one staying in the island and not Carter. So, after the tribal council Abi thanked everybody for keeping her. 

"I don't even know how to thank you guys. I survived another tribal. I cannot believe this, I'm over the moon. It's great to be here," Abi said.

Abi assured that she's going to pull off her imaginary immunity idol again just to keep her safe in the next tribal council

Meanwhile, Lisa admitted that voting off Carter was difficult because he was "one of the nicest guy you ever wanna meet." But she stood by her position that she would rather bring somebody that she could beat in the end. 

As for Malcolm, he believed that the last tribal council was an eye-opener since he realized who Lisa was looking for to bring to the final three.

Day 34

The next day, Abi excused herself to get some water and escaped into the woods. Skupin and Malcolm knew right off the bat that Abi was just pretending trying to hide her immunity idol. Malcolm called it a cock and bull story since there's no way that Abi would not use her "idol" during the last tribal council because the threat of being eliminated was high on her at that time.

Abi, on the other hand, had her eyes set on Malcolm who is bound to use his immunity idol. And the only way to for him to get voted off when the opportunity arises is to destroy Lisa aand Malcolm's alliance. So Abi took the opportunity to talk to Lisa, warning her that she is in the bottom of the alliance between Denise, Skupin and Malcolm.

Lisa took Abi's food for thought with a grain of salt and said, "I don't believe Abi for a second. But I am gonna keep her close. Taking her to the end feels yucky inside but I'm not gonna lie. That is the relationship I have with her and it's the best game plan."

Lisa admitted that she would love to vote out Denise and keep Abi around. 

"I am taking control of my destiny. But part of it is waiting for the right time to make my big move," Lisa said.

Reward Challenge

Jeff Probst welcomed the final five to the reward challenge. Each of them would go up and over a slide into the ocean where they should get a bundle of rings and the go back on land to toss one ring on each of the five pegs. The reward: the winner would get to ride a helicopter then a boat where they would enjoy pizza and soda and then have a once-in-a lifetime opportunity of swimming with the biggest fish on the sea - the whale shark. Two people would join the winner of the challenge to enjoy the reward.

During the challenge, Skupin was on the lead the entire time. Malcolm came in close when both of them already had four rings tossed to the pegs. The ladies where not even close. Eventually, Skupin won and Abi volunteered to give him a hug saying, "Good job babe, give me a hug."

Skupin was stoked for another chopper ride, recalling how his last ride was during his evacuation in Survivor Outback. Probst asked Skupin to pick two other players with him. He chose Malcolm because the latter gave him and his son an opportunity that would last a lifetime during the last reward challenge. Skupin picked Lisa next and promised Denise all his share of food. Probst noticed that Abi looked heartbroken. 

"I am. I guess my vote doesn't mean anything," Abi replied before heading with Denise back to the camp.

Not So Happy Campers

Abi and Denise returned to the camp. Denise tried to fix their shelter in case it rains on them. Abi gets a machete "to kill them when they are back." Abi said that being not picked for the reward just proved once again that she is at the bottom of the alliance. 

"And to make matters worst, I am gonna go home with Denise, a horrible person. It's not a fun day," Abi said.

Obviously, the feeling was mutual between the two. And we witness just a back-and-forth of how both of them are trying hard not to kill each other for the rest of the day.

"It's a painful afternoon. It's like you are with a kid in kindergarten who pulled you hair and spit on your food," Denise said.

Abi then started to talk about how she was the swing vote yet nobody seem to consider it and how she would definitely be using her idol. 

Denise said that she would rather gauge her eyes out or stab her eardrums with needles to get through the afternoon or at least make it more tolerable.

The First Ever Whale Shark Encounter in Survivor

On the other side of the ocean, the winners of the challenge were having the time of their lives - enjoying a boat rid with pizza, soft-drinks and cookies. Malcolm noticed that Skupin suddenly became a very fun guy to be around. Later, the local boatmen handed them goggles and diving fins as they spot a huge shadow of a whale shark nearby.

Malcolm said that his hands started shaking as they were told to swim near the biggest fish in the world. Lisa said that out of the blues, the humongous whale shark just appeared and continued swimming like it never ends. Malcolm got to touch the whale shark while Skupin had a different up-close encounter.

Malcolm said that the whale shark just head-butted Skupin which was the funniest thing he ever saw and he thought that he had one less competitor after the incident. But in the midst of all the fun, Malcolm was already thinking of how he could continue to dominate the decisions for the tribal council. 

On a side note: Please DON'T TOUCH the whale sharks if you happen to visit the Philippines. Just swim along from a distance.

The Final 3?

After the whale shark encounter, Malcolm opened up about voting off Denise. He said that despite being tight with Denise since the very beginning, she has become the greatest and unbeatable threat. 

"Nobody beats Denise. The woman is in every tribal council. Nobody works harder. She hasn't betrayed anyone," Malcolm told Skupin and Lisa.

Malcolm said that his goal is to make it to the final three and the only way to win is to be next to Lisa and Skupin. Both of whom, seemingly agreed with Malcolm's idea and the three of them sealed the deal with a Final 3 cheer.

But Skupin said that Malcolm would be the most dangerous threat when he wins immunity while Lisa said that it makes all the sense in the world to make a deal with Malcolm, but there's no stopping her to make another deal.


Denise got up the next day feeling that her neck was on fire. She described the pain started out as sharp and stinging then it felt like her entire neck was burning. There were visible fang marks on her neck.

"I am trying to tell myself 'suck it up, it's only three days left. I'm hoping it's not gonna kill me. It's really painful right now," Denise said.

It was not clear what bit Denise - could be a spider, a snake, a centipede or a vampire? Kiddin.

Lisa and Skupin tried to comfort Denise by praying over her. Abi and Malcolm kept silent beside the prayer session.

Abi on the other hand could not feel entirely bad for Denise.

"I cam here not to be feeling bad for other people, I came here to win a million dollars," Abi said.

Malcolm's Huge Come-Back

Jeff Probst greeted the castaways for their next immunity challenge. Denise said that it has not been a great morning in the Philippines, waking up with a bite that made her feel miserable. Probst turned to Abi, saying that it's an opportunity for her to tip the scale during the challenge. Abi said that is' been her life to go after opportunities.

The challenge: the castaways must cross a rope bridge using two planks to get two puzzle pieces along the way. The two puzzle pieces go with the rest of the pieces at the end of the challenge where they should solve a puzzle-maze. There's only one way to solve the puzzle and that is if a ball will fit through it without any roadblocks. If they fall from the rope bridge, they should start again.

The challenge was on. Denise, despite her predicament, was ahead of the group. When Malcolm was close to finish crossing the rope bridge, he fell to the ground and had to go back to the starting line. Skupin gets to the puzzle area first followed by Denise, Lisa and Abi. The four of them start to put the maze together. But solving the puzzle proved to be difficult for the three. Malcolm joined the rest and started solving the puzzle "like he's done this maze 20 times before" as Probst said.  Malcolm won.

For Denise, it's a huge relief that Abi didn't win the challenge because the torture of dealing with her would soon be over.

Abi or Denise?

Back at camp, Skupin met another mishap and Abi was trying to do all she could to sway Skupin and Lisa's votes to Denise. 

"You guys are not gonna have a chance against Denise and Malcolm. They have such a story... Bringing me is the best chance you have at winning thsi game. No one is gonna vote for me," Abi told Skupin.

Skupin admitted that Abi's plea made a lot of sense and even thought that hanging out with her for the next three days would definitely be worth the million dollars.

So it's up to Lisa and Skupin to decide if it's going to be Abi or Denise. Lisa and Skupin got to talk and they both entertain the idea of going into the final 3 with Abi and consider voting off Denise next.

Meanwhile, Denise asked Malcolm if there's any way he could help her out by giving her his other immunity idol since he has won the immunity challenge. Malcolm said the he would if the situation calls for it but he assured her that there's no reason to give her an idol since she could be assured that they are not going to keep Abi.

Back at Lisa and Skupin, it appeared that they might still be needing Denise after all. Even if Lisa would want to go with Abi to the final 3, Malcolm winning the next immunity would be more dangerous as he could continue winning the entire thing in the end. So both of them agreed that they might keep Denise to prevent Malcolm from winning the last immunity.

"And so we need all available manpower to defeat Malcolm at the final immunity idol.  We may need Denise in there to knock Malcolm out of there," Skupin said. (or was it Lisa?)

Abi's Final Bow

At the tribal council, Abi made a pretty clear and strong argument that everyone else can beat her so she might be somebody good to take to the end.

Denise agreed if that's the way they would want to play Survivor. When asked by Probst if Abi could've outwitted, outplayed and outlasted everybody else, Denise said that there's an element of luck on her case since she has never faced the tribal council in the beginning with the Tandang tribe.

Lisa is quick to correct Denise that there's no luck involved if Tandang won the challenges but it was because of their strong players in the tribe.

Again, Abi  declared, "Choose me. I am just letting you know that they cannot beat Denise. She is manipulative, good with words and a physical threat as well."

Abi went even further by saying that Lisa and Skupin would not win the game and it's only between Malcolm and Denise.

While Skupin was stating his take, Abi interrupted him a couple of times saying "Because you are an idition that is why you are gonna lost a million dollars. You are a moron, You are a moron."

Probst took note that Abi just called Skupin an idiot once, and a moron twice.

"He thinks he is gonna win a million dollars at the end and he is not," Abi reiterated.

Lisa on the other hand declared that she is not ashamed to say and would not apologize if she wanted to take Abi with her. 

When asked by Probst why she still wanted to stay when all the odds are against her, Abi said that since she  already came that far, she might as well make it to the final three.

Malcolm said that even with Abi at the final three, she would still not go down without a fight. 

When asked about being branded as a loudmouth, Abi said that it's not a bad thing and she was just playing Survivor to win a million dollars unlike Denise who was just there to make friends.

"No I am here for the million dollars," Denise replied.

For Probst, it was clear that the votes would only be between Abi or Denise. Time to vote. Abi voted for Denise, saying that she was patronizing, judgmental and not a really good person. Denise wrote down Abi's name and said that if the votes didn't go as planned, there is probably something seriously wrong in the universe.

Probst tallied the votes: Denise got 1, Abi got 3 votes, making here the sixth member of the jury. Abi wished the final 4 good luck.

Two original Tandang and two original Matsing tribe members remained. Abi left and Skupin danced his way back to the camp.

On Sunday (Monday in the PH) it's the 2-hour season finale. Who will be the last person to be voted off? Who will become part of the final 3 and ultimately, who will be the 25th Sole Survivor?

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Anonymous said...

I'm a long time fan of the show, but have been disappointed the last two weeks with Abi NOT being voted off. Finally last night she was, she really just doesn't get it.She doesn't listen, insults people at trible (to win a favorable vote?),interrupts everyone & thinks she knows it all. I'm glad she's out of the running.

rev22 said...

i think she knew before tribal that mike wasn't going to save her. thats probably why she went out with claws and teeth ripping at mike. maybe its her nature or maybe she thinks this will get her back in a future season of survivor (heroes vs villains 2?). she would have been the perfect goat since no one would vote to give her a million bucks.

Anonymous said...

Abi is juzt a fucking bitch! Can't believe that she is allowed to even stay there in Philippines. With her trashy attitude and filthy mouth, she should have been feeds to the snakes and spiders there. So glad that you're voted off Bitch Abi!! Now, fuck off! You don't deserve to be in the show!

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