Survivor Philippines: For Real!


Everybody probably knows it by now, but the 25th season of Survivor is held in the Philippines, particularly in the islands of Caramoan in Camarines Sur, Bicol Region. The production has started since April and they are probably about to wrap up as of this posting.

What's the theme for next season? There are three returning castaways that were previously dragged out of the game because of medical evacuation. Colton, the infamous villain of the previous season comes to mind but fans have already confirmed that he is not part of the next season. Besides, if he attended the reunion and finale episode of Survivor One World, then there's doubt if he was indeed in the Philippines, not unless he got voted off in time to attend the show. :) So, Colton haters shouldn't worry. But don't you think when Colton left the previous season, it just went so damn predictable right til the very end? Anyway, this post is not about Colton.

So there's also going to be three tribes for the coming season. Something that already happened in the Philippines' Survivor: Celebrity Showdown . Is this the first time for the US version to have three tribes? I need to brush up on my Survivor Wiki.

Some Survivor 25 spoilers are already spreading on Facebook pages. But we don't really want that, right? What matters is that we are all excited to watch Survivor Philippines - American castaways playing the ultimate Survivor reality show in the beautiful Philippines. What took you so long, Jeff Probst to shout out.... Kalabaw, Matsing or Tandang win immunity!

But I guess, the Philippines already won.

Another thing, to the ever loyal Dotcomers I truly miss. Mcadmin is back, big time. 

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