Survivor Caramoan 8: Cochran Swallows, Corrine Chokes!

An awesome blindside kicks off the merge! Survivor Caramoan gets its groove back!

Michael is just grateful to still be in the game after Julia got eliminated from Bikal. Well, everyone appears to prefer having Michael around though Corrine, seems to be way happier saying she made sure that Michael is safe and made sure she "got the gay"! Seriously? Phillip then tells Corrine that he deliberately threw the challenge. Corrine thinks Phillip is just a whole lot of bull.

Enil Edam

Meanwhile, Dawn is just too eager for the merge already and she hopes that she won't screw her game this time. And her wish comes true as the Gota tribe arrives via a motor boat. The members of Bikal give the rest of the castaways a warm welcome. Corrine says that she was just sick of talking with the same people over and over again. The feast commences as soon as they open the crate where they find their new green buffs. Malcolm suggest the name "Enil Adam" which he said means "new beginning" but was just actually his mother's name spelled backwards - Madeline. Props to Malcolm. The members of Enil Edam enjoy their food.

Phillip vs Corrine

Phillip, immediately takes Andrea in a corner and insists that the favorites has to go all the way to the end. They seem to have a solid core group with Cochran and Dawn. Phillip asks Andrea to pretend like Boston Rob and suggests that the most powerful men from the fans club must go first - Eddie and Reynold.

For Andrea, whoever gets voted off first at the merge is not really a big deal since there are eight favorites and four fans. But she is also aware that the merge is scarier now since it's an individual fight and everyone starts to scramble where anything can happen.

Corrine on the other runs to Malcolm who assures her that he's got Reynold and Eddie in his pocket. Corrine has Michael while Erik is on a floating - swing vote status, but could possibly be swayed on their side. Their target is Sherri and they despise Phillip, who is the head of nonsense. Corrine is just happy to finally be together with Malcolm, telling him "I miss you so much, you have no idea."

David vs Goliath

The tree mail announces the classic Survivor challenge of eating the nastiest food, if you'd call them that. And up for grabs is the first individual immunity. Reynold admits that it's going to be the hardest challenge for him. Cochran relates that Eddie thinks the challenge would make him alienate women for eating disgusting things, while he personally thinks that it's exactly what his love life needs.

Jeff Probst welcomes the new Enil Adam tribe to the challenge where they would consume "everyday local food" as fast as they can. There would be the first round of elimination where the 12 castaways would be divided into two, the first three to finish will move on. The first six to compete Andrea, Sherri, Corrine, Eddie, Malcolm, and Erik and they will eat beetle larvae. Andrea, Malcolm and Eddie move on to the next round.

It's Reynold, Brenda, Phillip, Michael, Cochran and Dawn for the first round eating the same thing. Cochran, Phillip and Michael move on.

The next meal for Andrea, Cochran, Phillip, Michael, Eddie and Malcolm are ship-worms, a type of clam that eats wood. Malcolm and Eddie finish at the same time, followed soon after by Cochran.

The three then faces the Filipino's very own and very famous balut - duck embryos. Jeff tells them that Survivor has used balut during the first season but the egg is originally from the Philippines, making it the real deal. Cochran easily gulps the balut, Malcolm follows and Eddie threw it up.

It's David vs. Goliath for the last round between Cochran and Malcolm and they will swallow - pig brain. And with a split second win, probably the closest ever in the history of Survivor - Cochran finishes it and gets the first ever individual immunity. David wins again.

Cochran celebrates his unexpected win and everyone is celebrating with him, even Malcolm. Cochran admits that there are very few challenges that he has a chance of winning, so he's going to have an over the top and obnoxious sense of celebration. It's a dream come true for him, especially winning against the 'golden god of the tribe'.


Phillip talks to Corrine about his plan to split the vote between Eddie and Reynold - sending one of the two powerhouses and possible flushing out the hidden immunity. But Corrine, being not a fan of split vote, suggests that they take out Sherri first, since nobody likes her even from the fans faction.

Corrine is furious that Phillip kept on interrupting her and wouldn't even listen to her suggestion. Her goal is to keep Reynold for her to control the game.

Corrine approaches Andrea, Dawn and Cochran to vote out Sherri. Cochran takes notice of Corrine being adamant of not targeting Reynold and Eddie. He also feels that the mutual hate between Phillip and Corrine shows how dysfunctional the favorites are. Eddie and Reynold, on the other hand would willingly go with Corrine's plan.

But in what would prove to be Corrine's fatal mistake is when she approaches Dawn - telling her that she wants Phillip gone and she's just done with him. Dawn, cautious of not to repeat the same mistake that she did before, does not want to keep to herself what just Corrine told her - which is basically to break up the alliance of the favorites, using Malcolm and Erik.

Dawn goes to Cochran and tells him that Corrine has rallied a troupe together. Cochran is surprised at Corrine's sudden strategy and he believes that if they will not counter the plan, it would be devastating to his game and his allies'.

Cochran goes to Andrea and informs her that Corrine has Reynold, Eddie and Michael to vote out Sherri first, followed by Phillip. Andrea gets alarmed, saying if Corrine can pull out these people, they will all be screwed up. She even calls Corrine, dangerous.

Andrea then goes to Phillip and tells him about Corrine's plan. The specialist swears that he won't allow Corrine to take control of the game. Phillip approaches Sherri and tells her point blank that if she wants to go further in the game, she has to join their side and take out Corrine. 

Malcolm, elsewhere is making the moves with Erik who realizes that he has suddenly becomes the swing vote, a very valuable player because Andrea just told him to vote for Corrine while Malcolm asked him to vote for Sherri.

Tribal Council

At the tribal council, Michael says that it would be a fair assumption that the favorites will be sticking it out together and the fans would definitely be in trouble, being in the minority. Corrine says that a situation is never helpless and she is open to a good idea. Cochran says that she like Corrine being honest about her stand. Reynold, on the other hand, is not counting the fans out yet. Andrea thinks that there are some who are really good at deceiving other. Corrine thinks that everyone of them could get punched in the face. Sherri thinks that the fans don't have a chance. Reynold predicts that the night's vote wouldn't be a big shocker, but there would surely be some on the way.

The voting commences. Phillip votes out Corrine, saying she is the most selfish person he has ever met. Corrine votes out Sherri, saying she's playing a good game, but it's unfortunate. Andrea votes for the dangerous Corrine while Michael writes Sherri's name down, saying he's just trying to stay alive for another day.

Sherri gets 5 votes, Corrine gets 6 - making Corrine the first member of the jury. Sherri gives a meaningful smile while Malcolm and Reynold appear worried.

"Judging from the look in Corrine's face, that was anything but a straightforward vote," Jeff says.

For her exit statement, Corrine says that Malcolm and Michael are the only people she likes and that she would take away from the experience - 22 days in an awesome paradise and amazing new memories.

Next week: Malcolm makes a move and Eddie hits on Andrea.

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Abby said...

This episode rocks! I love all the strategizing and scheming, and a blindside to conclude it! It should be exciting to see what next week has in store for us. Hope you can drop by my blog to read my thoughts on this episode.

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